What is Jersey Legacy Week and what are the tea bags for?

legacy week 01

Although legacies already allow an amazing amount of work to be done, they could make an even bigger difference. Only 7% of wills include charitable gifts, but recent research by Remember A Charity in the UK showed that 40% of people were open to the idea. However, in order to increase legacy income, a major behaviour change is needed to convince people to mention charities in their wills.

The Association of Jersey Charities is promoting this campaign to encourage more people to talk about legacies with their families and highlight the good done by legacies in the Island.

What is Jersey Legacy Week?

During Jersey Legacy Week, some 40 Jersey charities will encourage people to talk about legacies in the softest, most British way possible, over a cup of tea! A consortium of Jersey charities will distribute free teabags to clients, members and supporters.

The teabags will be branded with the campaign's messages and links to independent information on making a will in Jersey. The aim is to sensitively promote the importance of legacies to all kinds of charities in Jersey.

The messages are clear. They ask, Please a gift to charity in your Will, after you have looked after your family and friends and Please leave a gift to charity in your Will,  it doesn’t have to be a large amount, any donation will help to make a difference.

Ivo Le Maistre Smith, campaign coordinator for the AJC, said: Talking about preparing a Will can seem like a daunting conversation to have, but it is also such an important one. Thinking about your own legacy, and the benefits that will live on into the future, can also be a tremendous source of comfort.

‘This innovative campaign will encourage islanders to come together with their relatives and friends to talk about the lasting benefits of giving in a friendly, relaxed environment over a comforting cuppa.

‘We hope Jersey Legacy Week will encourage more islanders to consider leaving a legacy to a local charity after they have made financial plans for their loved ones.

The campaign will benefit charities of all sizes and areas of work, and legacies of all sizes can facilitate a tremendous amount of good work.

Just take at look at some of these links to the incredible work being done by Jersey charities.