Durrell - Puffins Petrols and Pests

Durrell - Puffins Petrols and Pests

17 August 2017 19:00

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Long time Durrell friend and collaborator Kirsty Swinnerton will be in Jersey from August 15th to 21st to undertake rat and ferret trapping trials on behalf of Birds On The Edge.

This trial will attempt to determine presence of rats and ferrets in areas of the north coast where Jerseys few remaining seabirds live and areas where potential restoration projects may be undertaken in future. Kirsty is keen to meet everyone interested in her work on this project and her other projects with similar seabirds around the world: anyone interested in a first-hand understanding of trapping methods can join her in the field or discuss things with her during her stay.

Kirsty will also give a presentation Puffins, petrels and pests, saving seabirds across the Atlantic at the Academy at Jersey Zoo, 19.00 on Tuesday 17th August so please come along.

For more information please contact Liz Corry Elizabeth.Corry@durrell.org who will be Kirstys point of contact at the Zoo during her stay here.