JOB DESCRIPTION for Friends of Jersey Oncology
Committee position

Job Title: Honorary Treasurer

Responsible to: Chair & Committee

About Us
The Jersey Oncology Unit coordinates the care of patients with all types of cancers. Friends of Jersey Oncology (FOJO) was formed in 2012 to raise funds for the purchase of non- States provided equipment and services for the Jersey Oncology Unit.
Funds raised provide additional care, comfort and support for the Units patients, families and loved ones. We are committed to ensuring that the charity’s funds will always be utilised in the most appropriate and effective way.
Our vision for the charity’s future is to ensure all patients, their families and loved ones have access to high quality information, support and the best possible treatment. With the help and support of the Jersey public we are dedicated to achieving our goals and making a real and meaningful difference for those in the island affected by cancer.

The Role of Treasurer
Overall Objectives
To oversee the Financial Operation of the charity ensuring good governance is achieved and strategic objectives are being met.
Main Duties
 To provide monthly Management Accounts to all committee members to be agreed and signed off quarterly by all voting members.
 To take responsibility for and authorise significant expenditure over £500.00 with detailed justification for such spend.
 To ensure that all committee members are aware any significant changes in financial trends whether it positive or negative.
 To prepare a 12-month Financial Forecast at the start of each financial year.
 To contribute to the Strategic direction of the charity from an operational and financial perspective
 Ensure that all bills are paid in good time and against correct invoices etc and that any relevant delegated authorities have agreed accordingly.
 To maintain all financial records and provide all required information for Financial Statement Preparation.
 To reconcile bank accounts on a monthly basis.
 To inform secretaries of monies received via Just Giving on a monthly basis to ensure that timely ‘Thanks’ can be sent.
This job description is not exhaustive, will require flexibility and will include other duties deemed necessary by the Committee.

Any interested candidates should contact us directly at FOJO at