30,000 granted to refurbish premises for islanders undergoing drug and/or alcohol addiction therapy and rehabilitation

The Jersey Council on Alcoholism applied to the Association of Jersey Charities (AJC) for additional funds for their 12 month project in order to refurbish and decorate their communal building and independent living units in St Helier.

The approved grant means improvements will now be made to their communal bathrooms and toilets as well as to the bathrooms, kitchens and toilets used by live-in residents.

Other funds have been given to island charities to fund salaries, educational and training costs and resources. In total, 137,036.82 was awarded to seven AJC members as follows:
• Jersey Council on Alcoholism, 30,000 towards the refurbishment of West Park properties
• Le Congres, 30,000 for a Jerriais teacher salary
• Music in Action, 24,900 for a development manager salary and an educational
• Lymphoedema Jersey, 24,000 for a therapist salary for two years
• Jersey Marine Conservation, 15,368.82 to purchase a R.I.B
• Jersey Heritage Trust, 9,948 to produce a Peace Trail guide and videos
• Jersey Child Care Trust, 2,820 for training costs

The committee also approved grants, on a conditional basis, totalling 149,000.

Each year, the Association receives the Jersey share of the Channel Islands lottery profits from the Economic Development Ministry to distribute to its members specifically for the benefit of the people and island of Jersey.

The Association of Jersey Charities represents a wide and diverse section of island life, Its 313 member charities range from large organisations providing essential services to the community, local branches of national charities and smaller local charities, organisations, clubs and societies championing the needs and concerns of particular groups within Jersey.

Charity members applying for grants have to demonstrate sufficient need and show that the grant is both for the benefit of Jersey residents, and for a charitable purpose, for example the advancement of education or the advancement of religion or the relief of or research into ill health or any other purpose of benefit to the community.
Association officers meet quarterly to approve grant applications as well as membership requests from new charities.

Member applications and grants will next be reviewed by officers in December and applications ahead of this should be received by 7th November 2017.
For more information please visit www.jerseycharities.org or contact Lyn Wilton on 840138 or lyn@jerseycharities.org.