Eyecan - Jersey Blind Society since 1886

Membership Number: AJC109

EYECAN is Jersey’s only charity focused solely on supporting Islanders with sight impairment. We work closely with all age groups, from infants through to the elderly, enabling people and their families to benefit from social events, activities and tailored support.

It is a partnership approach that ensure those affected by sight impairment are empowered to attain or retain independent living and achieve inclusion in the workplace and society.

Services we offer include advice and support, mobility, rehabilitation, IT training, advocacy, daily living advice, children’s events, activities, day centre, support group and more.

Volunteer Role:

The Westlea Centre is open as a Day Centre twice weekly, providing lunch, friendly chat, raffle, bingo and other activities. There is also an activity Day once a week for those with interest in arts and crafts or gardening.

Volunteers offer practical help, such as providing transport, serving meals, washing up and more on our 3 Day Centre days.

To find out more about what we do, the support we provide, how we can help or of you’d like to volunteer, please call or visit us.

Volunteers Commitment:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the period of 9.30am – 3.30pm
Westlea Centre
Rue du Huquet
St Martin

t: 01534 864689

Operations Director: Jane Vincent

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