Developing a Fundraising Strategy - This workshop will enable people involved in managing fundraising to develop a fundraising strategy for their organisation. Having a clear fundraising strategy is essential to help keep your organisation on track with its fundraising goals and to get the best returns from your time, resources and budget.

This workshop will equip you with the knowledge, skills and techniques to develop and successfully implement a great fundraising strategy and to be able to:

• Research and use the information required to build your strategy
• Analyse past performance in order to inform ‘more profitable’ future activities
• Identify and evaluate the best fundraising sources for your organisation
• Integrate different forms of fundraising into your plan
• Identify the risks associated with your strategy and how to manage them

Tuesday 21st June 2016 9.30am to 1.00pm Jersey Hospice Care Training Centre

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Jersey’s new charities law and what it will mean to you: After a vote by politicians in July 2015, The States of Jersey allocated £70,000 towards the implementation of a new law governing the way charities operate and are regulated. With a charity commissioner to be appointed and a central register to be introduced to oversee the new law, the law will also help new organisations gain charitable status, so we will look at what this means in reality, for island based charities and organisations.
The new charities law will provide a clearer definition of what actually constitutes a charity, and defining ‘public benefit’, which will have a big impact on some local organisations, such as sports clubs, allowing them the possibility of registering and benefitting from tax benefits on donations.
It will also set our rules for the duties of governors/trustees and place restrictions on the use of the terms "charity" and "charitable".
Jersey’s new charities law is based on the Scottish one, so we will look briefly at the principles outlined in the new law, which according to Liz Le Poidevin (deputy chairman of the AJC) is “primarily intended to help protect public trust and confidence without placing an unnecessary financial or bureaucratic burden on charities or on the public purse."

Wednesday 22nd June 2016 5.15pm to 8.15pm St Paul's Centre, St Helier.

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Masterclass; What is Good Governance, and why do we need it - This course is a basic introduction to the important area of governance and its role within your organisation. In the early stages of a non profit organisation, when there are only a couple of people, doing just about everything, there may not be an obvious difference between governance and the many other tasks you have to do, so you may think that governance doesn't apply to you, or doesn’t really matter, but it does.
If you are a trustee or member of the governing body you have specific responsibilities which you must carry out with the other members of the governing body, according to your constitution and relevant legislation. For that reason it is helpful to distinguish between governance and any other roles you may carry out.
Trustees/board members are responsible for making decisions about the organisations direction and governance, for example:
• Defining and agreeing the purpose of the charity or non profit
• Securing the long term direction of the charity (furthering its objects/purpose as defined in its governing document)
• Developing over arching strategies to carry out the charities purpose effectively
• Being accountable to those with an interest or 'stake' in the charity.
• Fiscal responsibility – accurate accounting for your organisations performance
• Ensuring the charity is run in a way that is legal, responsible and effective
Management on the other hand is all about implementing the strategies agreed by the board e.g. by detailed planning, putting operational policies and procedures in place and by raising money.
Good governance should run throughout a charity, whilst the trustee board is responsible for good governance, they may rely on many different people to be able to govern well – staff, volunteers, advisors and others with an interest or stake in the organisation.
In this workshop we will look at the UK Charity Commission: The Good Governance: a Code of the Voluntary and Community sector (the Code) which sets out best practice for governance for the Voluntary and Community sector.

Thursday 23rd June 2016 9.30am to 4.30pm Jersey Hospice Care Training Centre, Mont Cochon.

There is a cost of £25 for this all day masterclass, payable on booking. Lunch is included, please advise when booking if you have any special dietry requirements.

Please contact the administrator to book your place