Corporate Fundraising & CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
This workshop is aimed at staff (and volunteers) who have been tasked with the job of looking for funding from companies/the corporate sector and just don’t know where to start or who need to know how to build better corporate relationships so they are ‘win win’.
It aims to provide the tools necessary to discover and understand the various sources of corporate funding and how to make the right approach to maximise your organisation's chance of success with funding from companies. It will enhance, develop and equip you with the skills needed to confidently identify potential corporate partners and how to go about forging a strong relationship.
Our course covers many of the basic elements needed to help you on the road to developing corporate partnerships, including:
• Identifying different sources of corporate funding – where and what to look for
• Developing the winning relationship – getting to be the chosen ‘charity of the year’
• Tips on getting ‘a foot in the door’
• Insight into what different companies are looking for.
• Common reasons why approaches tend to fail.
If you want to know more about corporate fundraising, including how to implement a corporate fundraising strategic plan, Cause Related Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility then this workshop is for you. We will look at the different ways to approach companies, when and with what! How to make the most of your ‘Voluntary Leadership’ all with a view to developing and increasing corporate support and Sponsorship.
Presented by Jane Galloway, senior consultant at Arclightsolutions
Monday 29th June 2015 1.15pm to 4.30pm St Paul's Centre. To reserve your seat email:

Trustee Roles & Responsibilities
This will be a ‘lightning tour’ of good governance to help improve Board performance for new or prospective Board members and to help staff who have to work with Boards gain a greater appreciation of the roles and responsibility board members have and how to utilised this voluntary leadership for the maximum benefit of the organisation.
Charity trustees are the people who serve on the governing body (board) of a charity, they can be known as trustees, directors, board members, governors or committee members. Charity trustees are responsible for the general control and management of the administration of a charity, they generally don’t get involved in the day to day activities of physically running the charity, (although in some smaller charities this is often necessary) although they are responsible for ensuring the charity runs well, their role is primarily about good governance.
The great majority of trustees serve in a voluntary capacity and don’t expect to receive any payment for their work; they come from all walks of life, and are united by their common interest in the cause and often a desire to create a positive change in society. Being a trustee should be rewarding and enjoyable, and an opportunity to serve the community whilst learning new skills, broadening horizons and experiences.
This workshop will provide an overview of the different roles and responsibilities of trustees, how they can develop their own skills, knowledge and understanding in the role in the future, in order to best support the organisation.
Presented by Jane Galloway, senior consultant at Arclightsolutions
Thursday 25th June 2015 5.15pm to 8.30pm St Paul's Centre. To reserve your seat email:

An Introduction to Performance Management for charity sector leaders
Presented by Bill Treweek: This one hour brief introductory session to Performance Management will explain what it is all about and how it could benefit your organisation. Aimed at Trustees and senior management this one hour ‘bite sized’ taster session, with an experienced performance management expert (gained from over 20 years senior management experience of working with people in the Royal Mail) will outline the basic principles of performance management.
This starts with your vision and defining where you want to be and how you will measure progress. We will introduce the tools and techniques that you can use to measure progress through objective setting with individuals/teams and performance reviews.
Thursday 25th June 2015 12pm to 1pm St Paul's Centre. To reserve your seat email: