A Jersey Charity teams up with Digital Jersey Coding Students to produce a dynamic website and database which the Rwandan Government is using to transition farmers off chemical fertilizers for healthier food and cleaner water.

The Credible Food Project has recently returned from Rwanda where farmers are being skilled up in Carbon Smart Organic Farming methods.
The project from the outset gained the attention of the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources with Minister Fulgence Nsengiyumva taking a personal interest in cultivating and harvesting Rwandan soil microbes, which have the potential to transition Rwanda farmers off their dependency on harmful and expensive chemical fertilizers.
Utilizing the skills of Digital Jersey and their coding students, for the first time ever Lab technicians in Rwanda trained by Glyn Mitchell (founder of the Credible Food Project) are inputting qualitative soil microbial assessments onto the website which is being designed and built by Digital Jersey Coders, which then gets analysed and decoded back in Jersey producing a report and regenerative management program for scientists at the Rwandan Agricultural Board to then use to help Rwandan farmers cultivate their own beneficial microbes to improve their soil health for healthier food and clean water and a better environment.

With invites from Zambia, Malawi, Moldavia and other developing countries, Jersey thanks to its digital and agricultural sector working together, sees a bright future in tapping into the new world of soil microbe cultivation, training, soil carbon recording and data management.