Agenda 44th AGM 16th July 2015


1. Welcome and apologies

2. To approve the minutes of the 43rd Annual General Meeting held on 10th July 2014.

3. To receive the annual report from the Chairman

4. To receive the annual report from the Treasurer and presentation of the audited accounts for the year ended 31st March 2015

5. To reappoint the auditors, Bracken Rothwell

6. Election of Officers:

Hannah Williams will not be standing for the office of Honorary Treasurer.
Marie du Feu was seconded by the committee 9th June 2015 to act as Applications Review Officer

To elect the following Officers
6.1 Chairman
6.2 Deputy Chairman
6.3 Treasurer
6.4 Secretary
6.5 Publicity Officer
6.6 Applications Review Officer
6.7 Training and Events Co-ordinator
6.8 Two additional Officers as ordinary Committee Members

The Committee are nominating the following persons for the following posts

a) Phillip Callow, for the position of Chairman
b) Liz Le Poidevin for the position of Deputy Chairman
c) Nick Hutchinson for the position of Treasurer
d) Simon Larbalestier for the position of Honorary Secretary
e) Lynsey Mallinson for the position of Publicity Officer
f) Marie du Feu for the position of Applications Review Officer
g) David Newman for the position of Training and Events Co-ordinator
h) Hugh Munro as an additional Officer on the Committee
i) Stephanie Duke as an additional Officer on the Committee

Any other nominations for any office must be made by written notice executed by two Members entitled to vote in general meetings as intention to propose and second the nominee for a named office. That notice should be countersigned by the nominee so as to show his or her willingness to be appointed for such office and must be delivered to the Honorary Secretary by 5 p.m on the 2nd July 2015.

7. A Proposition to amend the criteria for funding ‘start up’ charities
The committee would like the members’ views on amending the criteria for funding for new charities. All new members can apply for funding once they have been members for six months. In order for the committee to be sure of the viability and sustainability of a new member, it is proposed to limit funding available for new members to allow them the opportunity to establish themselves and the need for their services.
It is therefore proposed
THAT in order to allow time for new members to establish themselves and prove their viability and sustainability, it is proposed that after six months of membership, a member can apply for a maximum grant of only £20,000 for the first full calendar year of membership.

8. Any Other Business

• Your committee’s stewardship of the AJC - comments

To be followed at 7.30pm with a talk by Rosanne Gray, Operations Director of Virgin Unite, and a buffet to be served at 8.15pm

Dated this 18th June 2015

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