Minutes of 45th AGM 7th July 2016






Phillip Callow                Chairman

Liz Le Poidevin              Deputy Chairman

Nick Hutchinson            Honorary Treasurer

Stephanie Duke             Committee Officer

Committee apologies:

Simon Larbalestier         Honorary Secretary

Marie du Feu                 Applications Review Officer

David Newman              Training and events co-ordinator

Hugh Munro                  Committee Officer

Lynsey Mallinson           Publicity Officer

In attendance:

Lyn Wilton (Administrator)

Melissa Nobrega (Speaker)
Tim Waldron (Speaker)

Members and guests following the completion of the formal AGM


Welcome and Member Apologies:

The Chairman welcomed members to the AGM. Apologies were received from a number of members a list of which is available on request.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting:

The minutes of the 44th AGM held on 16th July 2015 were proposed and seconded. Minutes approved by the members subject to amendment to the name of Honorary Treasurer being corrected. Minutes signed off by the Chairman as a true record of the meeting.


To Receive the Annual Report from the Chairman:

The Chairman guided the attendees through the Annual Report.

This is my final report as Chairman of the Association, a post I have held for the last three years.

During this tenure, we have been excited by the prospect of Jersey having its own Charity Law, further excited when that law became a reality and then left in limbo when the key elements of that law could not be enacted because of funding constraints around the appointment of the Charites’ Commissioner. In my report last year, some of the implications of the new law were set out. Primary amongst these was the consideration of whether the Association would continue to be a membership organisation once a register for charities was in place.   It is a real shame that this question is still unresolved while we wait for the appointment and input of Jersey’s first Charities’ Commissioner. We are not therefore in a position (as we thought we would have been by now) to talk about the changes we have all experienced.

Whilst we have held the regular committee meetings of which you will be aware, we have also had a number of meetings with Government Ministers over the last 12 months and we continue to engage to ensure that we protect the interests of our members and those that they serve.

All of this work makes me immensely proud. Proud of you, our members for continuing to devote so much time and effort to the good causes that you support and proud of the Executive Committee for all the work they have done. I am also immensely proud of our wonderful administrator, Lyn, who is a star, has huge energy and enthusiasm in everything that she does. I have enjoyed my time as Chairman very much and wish Liz and the rest of the Committee all the very best.


To receive the annual report from the Treasurer and presentation of the audited accounts for the year ended 31st March 2016 and to adopt the audited accounts for the year ended 31st March 2015

Nick Hutchinson, Treasurer, presented the year end accounts and guided the membership through the treasurer’s report.

The audited accounts for the year ended 31st March 2015 were adopted on a show of hands by the members.

The adoption of the accounts for the year ended 31 March 2016 was deferred as the audit of those accounts was not complete.   This decision was proposed, seconded and agreed on a show of hands by the members.


To re-appoint Bracken Rothwell as auditors for the year

Approval was proposed and seconded and carried by a show of hands.


Election of Officers:


Phillip Callow will be standing down after three years as Chairman.

David Newman will be standing down as Training & Events Co-ordinator.

The election and re-election of the committee was proposed and seconded and carried by a show of hands.

Liz Le Poidevin              Chairman

Stephanie Duke             Deputy Chairman

Nick Hutchinson            Honorary Treasurer

Simon Larbalestier         Honorary Secretary

Lynsey Mallinson           Publicity Officer

Marie du Feu                 Applications Review Officer

Hugh Munro                   Committee Officer


Any Other Business:

A representative from Jersey Mencap raised the importance of members using the diary on the AJC website to ensure that events arranged do not clash.

Liz Le Poidevin (newly elected Chairman) raised important information concerning the negotiations over the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that the Association has had with the States. The SLA must now be reviewed annually (unlike in previous years) and whilst the current SLA is in near final form, it has not been signed as yet.

The terms of the SLA have been expanded to formalise our acknowledgment of our legal and regulatory obligations and to introduce various performance measures around management and governance that we have, in any event, as an organisation, been strongly committed to.   The additional commitments include:-

  • The development of lottery branding;
  • A review of our membership criteria. With the Charities Law on the way, our membership should expect changes to our application forms;
  • Increased reporting (whilst this has always been done there will be a change in format, frequency and content);
  • The development of a plan to support the training and development needs of our members. We will be working both with our membership and other bodies to address this. You know what you need so please get involved in helping your committee shape this.

Liz Le Poidevin thanked the outgoing chairman for his hard work and invaluable support to the Association.

Guest speaker – Melissa Nobrega, Founder of Caring Cooks

The Chairman introduced the guest speaker, Melissa Nobrega, the founder of Caring Cooks. Melissa was awarded Inspirational Woman of the Year 2016 at the Jersey Woman’s Refuge International Woman of the Year breakfast in March.

Melissa delivered an impassioned talk which highlighted the importance of collaboration in the Charity Sector to ensure that the less fortunate in our society are served. Melissa has successfully lobbied government to have two local policy changes made to make it easier for charities to introduce payroll giving and reclaim tax back on lump sum donations.

Working together across the sector is key.

Guest speaker – Tim Waldron, Director of Charity Office, Demaris Media and a trustee of Rose Road.

Tim Waldron gave an inspiring talk on how to target fundraising efforts to achieve the best possible outcome. He listed 10 key points to consider when seeking to raise funds for a particular project or charity generally:

  1. Remember what you know. Being confident about your own project/charity is critical;
  2. Being able to communicate the needs of your project/charity confidently and well is crucial;
  3. Invest time in carrying out your research into any funder. Segment your database and understand fully who you are dealing with;
  4. Know what your potential donors are interested in;
  5. Your ask of a potential donor must be “just right”. Do your homework and ask in just the right way to just the right person;
  6. Don’t stalk potential donors or pop up at every event and not let go of their hand!. Don’t look at them as cash machines – they are people too!.
  7. Potential donors may be successful but they must be treated with respect at all times.
  8. Do be interested in them and ask about their lives too;
  9. Don’t underestimate the importance of succession planning; and
  10. Understand that perseverance is key.

Tim concluded by saying that people are changing the way that they give. A trend has been set in venture philanthropy.   People still want to give and know that it is important not to draw up the ladder once that ladder has been climbed. Don’t be afraid to ask and do your homework

The chairman thanked Melissa and Tim for their inspiring talks and closed the meeting and talk, which ended at 8pm. Members and guests were invited to enjoy a finger buffet and a chance to network.

Date of Next Meeting:

The next meeting of officers will be held on 13th September 2016.


Signed Chairman…………………………………………………………………


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