Workshops and Training

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Our aim is to provide training, free of charge to attendees wherever possible, on subjects relevant to any organisation in the charitable and voluntary sector.
Courses have been provided in 2018 on the following subjects:
Title Date Trainer
Safeguarding Adults 16.01.18 Mary Curtis
Safeguarding Children 18.01.18 Mary Curtis
Safeguarding Children 23.01.18 Mary Curtis
Safeguarding Adults 25.01.18 Mary Curtis
GDPR Talk 30.01.18 Tim Rogers
Safeguarding Adults 13.03.18 Mary Curtis
Safeguarding Children 15.03.18 Mary Curtis
Safeguarding Children 19.03.18 Mary Curtis
Safeguarding Adults 22.03.18 Mary Curtis
Safe Recruitment 21.03.18 Mary Curtis
GDPR Training 13.03.18 Tim Rogers
GDPR Training 14.03.18 Tim Rogers
GDPR Training 19.03.18 Tim Rogers
Governance - Making the Most of Social Networking & E-Fundraising for Charities 17.04.18 Jane Galloway
Great Goal Setting/Appraisals 17.04.18 Bill Treweek
Governance - developing a Fundraising Strategy 18.04.18 Jane Galloway
Governance - Jersey's Charities Law 19.04.18 Jane Galloway
Quickbooks 2, 16, 23, 30 May 2018 One Study 
Governance - Jersey's Charities Law 12.06.18 Jane Galloway
Governance - What good governance looks like 13.06.18 Jane Galloway
Governance - Major Donor Fundraising 14.06.18 Jane Galloway
Media  28.06.18 Alex Mallinson
Safeguarding Adults 01.08.18 Mary Curtis
Discrimination Law 02.08.18 Mary Curtis
Safe Recruitment 06.08.18 Mary Curtis
Safeguarding Adults 07.08.18 Mary Curtis
Safeguarding Children 08.08.18 Mary Curtis
Safeguarding Children 13.08.18 Mary Curtis
Discrimination Law 20.08.18 Mary Curtis
Governance - Governor Roles & Responsibilities 25.09.18 Jane Galloway
Governance - Recruiting, Manageing & Motivating Vols 26.09.18 Jane Galloway
Governance - Jersey's Charities Law 27.09.18 Jane Galloway
Most of our training is provided by a professional charities management educator, or by other subject matter experts. Notably Safeguarding via the Safeguarding Board.
We are actively seeking to extend our training offering.
We also provide 1-2-1 help for organisations which are in need of guidance.
Upcoming courses will be listed on this page as they are arranged.

Child Safeguarding Foundation Training

We have arranged a three hour child safeguarding foundation training course. Thursday 24th January, from 5.30pm to 8.30pm at Beresford Street Kitchen, St Helier. There are only 16 places available, so don't delay. The trainer is Tina Hesse, of Highlands College. Please click here to book: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/safeguarding-children-tickets-54756726844

How to run a successful community fundraising event - NOW FULL

This fun and interactive workshop will show you how to organise and run a successful community and fundraising event, giving you a strategic framework to work from – be it a large scale mass participation event, or a smaller scale community event.

You will find out about how to ensure your fundraising events and community activities raise as much income and awareness as possible for your cause. You will also discover what marketing tools will be the most appropriate for your organisation, gain an insight into effective sales techniques, understand why people ‘buy into your cause’ and how you can increase your brand identity and build customer loyalty through your community and fundraising events.

We will cover:
Identifying the right event and community activity for your purposes
The importance of defining your target audience
Developing additional income streams at your events
How to recognise, record and reduce the risks
Budget planning and attracting sponsorship  - to keep costs to a minimum
How to source Gifts in kind, reduce costs and maximising income from your events
Participants will be encouraged to share ideas and learn from one another’s experiences, with the emphasis of the session being on generating creative marketing and fundraising ideas that you can take back into your workplace. 

Thursday 17th Jan 2019. 3 hour morning workshop 9.30 to 12.30, St Paul's Centre

Presented by Jane Galloway of  http://www.arclightsolutions.co.uk/

Book here: https://www.bookit.je/tc-events/how-to-run-a-successful-community-fundraising-event/

Keeping volunteers on board and motivated

We all like to know what is expected of us, especially when we join a new organisation be it paid work, or more social and voluntary, so this workshop will look at volunteer management, motivation and retention methods and the key factors that help organisations retain volunteers.

Wednesday 16th Jan 2019. 3 hour afternoon workshop 1pm to 4pm, St Paul's Centre, presented by Jane Galloway of  http://www.arclightsolutions.co.uk/

Book here: https://www.bookit.je/tc-events/keeping-volunteers-on-board-and-motivated/

Need to find more volunteers for your group, club or charitable organisation?

We have arranged the following training for January. All Sessions are at St Paul's Centre, presented by Jane Galloway of  http://www.arclightsolutions.co.uk/

A new format we are trying is to condense the sessions by using an introduction 'podcast', followed by a one hour workshop. You have a choice of two one-hour workshops. Listen to and watch the podcast then book on one of the sessions to follow up.

If you’re struggling to find new volunteers to help you run things, or people are leaving as soon as they join, then why not come along to this free 1 hour AJC workshop, to discover how to attract and find suitable volunteers for your group/club or cause.

No time – then simply register and have a listen to the Volunteer Recruitment Introductory podcast of the session and if you want to know more after that, just book on to the follow up interactive workshop, on managing and Keeping volunteers on board and motivated.

Tuesday 15th Jan 2019
INTRODUCTION - 1 hour podcast, click this link, you may need to use headphones https://chiplayer.cloud.panopto.eu/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=9a457602-54b6-402c-ab51-a9b4012a6d21

Followed by:
1 hour lunch time session 12.30 to 1.30pm – book here: https://www.bookit.je/tc-events/need-to-find-more-volunteers-for-your-group-club-or-charitable-organisation/

And, an early evening session 5.30pm to 6.30pm. – book here: https://www.bookit.je/tc-events/%E2%80%A2need-to-find-more-volunteers-for-your-group-club-or-charitable-organisation/

Safe Recruitment

Safe Recruitment Training will be a real asset to you, to make sure you take all the right steps to know about the person that you are considering taking on - equally important for taking on staff or volunteers, including committee members. As charities, we all have a responsibility to have confidence that we have done the right checks, so far as is possible, to know that we are introducing suitable people into our organisations. Don't just depend on DBS checks, checking CVs, taking references, and meeting the person face to face are all equally important. You will learn many techniques and things to think about that you may not have considered.

This training is equally important and complementary to safeguarding training. Please book at least one member of your committee or staff on this training.

Trainer, Mary Curtis, one hour lunchtime session, 1pm to 2pm, Tuesday 22nd January, St Paul's Centre

Link to Bookit.je booking for 22nd January: https://www.bookit.je/tc-events/safe-recruitment/

Trainer, Mary Curtis, one hour lunchtime session, 1pm to 2pm, Monday 28th January, St Paul's Centre

Link to Bookit.je booking for 28th January: https://www.bookit.je/tc-events/safe-recruitment-2/