Workshops and Training

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Our aim is to provide training, free of charge to attendees wherever possible, on subjects relevant to any organisation in the charitable and voluntary sector.
Courses have been provided in 2018 on the following subjects:
Title Date Trainer
Safeguarding Adults 16.01.18 Mary Curtis
Safeguarding Children 18.01.18 Mary Curtis
Safeguarding Children 23.01.18 Mary Curtis
Safeguarding Adults 25.01.18 Mary Curtis
GDPR Talk 30.01.18 Tim Rogers
Safeguarding Adults 13.03.18 Mary Curtis
Safeguarding Children 15.03.18 Mary Curtis
Safeguarding Children 19.03.18 Mary Curtis
Safeguarding Adults 22.03.18 Mary Curtis
Safe Recruitment 21.03.18 Mary Curtis
GDPR Training 13.03.18 Tim Rogers
GDPR Training 14.03.18 Tim Rogers
GDPR Training 19.03.18 Tim Rogers
Governance - Making the Most of Social Networking & E-Fundraising for Charities 17.04.18 Jane Galloway
Great Goal Setting/Appraisals 17.04.18 Bill Treweek
Governance - developing a Fundraising Strategy 18.04.18 Jane Galloway
Governance - Jersey's Charities Law 19.04.18 Jane Galloway
Quickbooks 2, 16, 23, 30 May 2018 One Study 
Governance - Jersey's Charities Law 12.06.18 Jane Galloway
Governance - What good governance looks like 13.06.18 Jane Galloway
Governance - Major Donor Fundraising 14.06.18 Jane Galloway
Media  28.06.18 Alex Mallinson
Safeguarding Adults 01.08.18 Mary Curtis
Discrimination Law 02.08.18 Mary Curtis
Safe Recruitment 06.08.18 Mary Curtis
Safeguarding Adults 07.08.18 Mary Curtis
Safeguarding Children 08.08.18 Mary Curtis
Safeguarding Children 13.08.18 Mary Curtis
Discrimination Law 20.08.18 Mary Curtis
Governance - Governor Roles & Responsibilities 25.09.18 Jane Galloway
Governance - Recruiting, Manageing & Motivating Vols 26.09.18 Jane Galloway
Governance - Jersey's Charities Law 27.09.18 Jane Galloway
Most of our training is provided by a professional charities management educator, or by other subject matter experts. Notably Safeguarding via the Safeguarding Board.
We are actively seeking to extend our training offering.
We also provide 1-2-1 help for organisations which are in need of guidance.
Upcoming courses will be listed on this page as they are arranged.