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Jersey Charity Law

The Jersey Charity law is now in place, which provides a clearer definition of what actually constitutes a charity, and defining ‘public benefit’, which will have a big impact on some local organisations, such as sports clubs, allowing them the possibility of registering and benefitting from tax benefits on donations.

The charity commissioner has now been appointed and a central register has been introduced to oversee the new law, which will also set out rules for the duties of governors/trustees and place restrictions on the use of the terms "charity" and "charitable".

Jersey’s new charities law is based on the Scottish charity law, so we will look briefly at the principles outlined in the new law, which according to Liz Le Poidevin (chairman of the AJC) is “primarily intended to help protect public trust and confidence without placing an unnecessary financial or bureaucratic burden on charities or on the public purse."

Thursday 27th September, 1.15pm to 4.30pm, Jersey Employment Trust, Kensington Place

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Recruiting, Managing & Motivating Volunteers

This workshop will help you identify your organisations need for volunteers, the types of volunteers you need to attract and how to develop volunteer roles and projects.

We will also look at how managing volunteers differs from managing employees and provide guidance on how to plan an effective volunteer recruitment campaign, select and place volunteers. This workshop will also advise on what paperwork and systems you need to effectively manage volunteers.

Effective recruitment and management of volunteers is becoming increasingly important within the voluntary sector and this course will help you to identify new sources of potential volunteers and how your organisation can take steps to recruit, support, motivate and retain volunteers.

Wednesday 26th September, 9.30am to 1pm, St Paul's Centre, St Helier

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Governor's Roles & Responsibility

This will be a ‘lightning tour’ of good governance to help improve Board (Governors) performance for new or prospective non-profit Board members and to help staff who have to work with Boards gain a greater appreciation of the roles and responsibility board members have and how to utilised this voluntary leadership for the maximum benefit of the organisation.

The people who serve on the governing body (board) of a charity/non profit making organisation, can be known as trustees, directors, board members, governors or committee members. They are responsible for the general control and management of the administration of the organisation, they generally don’t get involved in the day to day activities of physically running the charity, (although in some smaller charities this is often necessary) although they are responsible for ensuring the charity runs well, their role is primarily about good governance.

The great majority of trustees serve in a voluntary capacity and don’t expect to receive any payment for their work; they come from all walks of life, and are united by their common interest in the cause and often a desire to create a positive change in society. Being a board member (governor/trustee) should be rewarding and enjoyable, and an opportunity to serve the community whilst learning new skills, broadening horizons and experiences.

This workshop will provide an overview of the different roles and responsibilities of governors, how they can develop their own skills, knowledge and understanding in the role in the future, in order to best support the organisation.

Tuesday 25th September, 9.30am to 1pm, Jersey Employment Trust, Kensington Place

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