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Walk In My Shoes

EYECAN - Jersey Blind Society since 1886

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St Martin's Village Green

Sun, 26th Jun, 2022, 10:00 - 14:00

This annual awareness raising event commemorates Glen Robertson, a former friend of EYECAN, who sadly died due to complications of diabetes, the disease which also caused his sight loss. It was Glen’s wish that people be given the chance to walk in the shoes of someone with impaired sight so that they could learn from that experience. The event will be held at St Martin’s Parish Green and this year the focus will be on diabetic retinopathy. EYECAN looks forward to being supported on the day by representatives from the Jersey Diabetic Retinal Screening service and the charity, Diabetes Jersey. Participants will be provided with disposable spectacles simulating diabetic sight loss, under which conditions they will undertake various challenges that are designed for all age groups, including a walk around the Green with support from a sighted guide. This event is a lot of fun, but importantly it also enables people to discover more about the challenges of sight loss, as well as providing preventative advice to anyone at risk of diabetes.

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