How do non members of the Association apply for grants?


A Guide to Lottery Grants for non-Members

Registered charities which are not members of the Association of Jersey Charities may now apply for a grant from the Jersey share of the profits from the Channel Islands Lottery, up to a maximum sum of £30,000. 

However, there are restrictions set by the States Assembly on what lottery grants may be used for, whilst the Association also has guidelines which apply to its members when applying for grants from lottery and other funds, and those guidelines apply equally to non-members seeking lottery funding.

What can I apply for?

  • The Association considers each application on its merits and is not required to allocate a specific portion of lottery funds to any particular sector or activity.  Further, it attempts to distribute lottery funds in a way which derives the maximum benefit for the island and its residents as a whole.
  • You may apply for lottery funding for a variety of purposes including:
    • purchases of equipment (eg vehicles)
    • services (eg web design)
    • staff costs
    • small projects (eg refurbishment, where your request will cover all or the majority of the project cost), and
    • large projects (eg building an extension, where your request will cover only a small part of the total project cost).
  • The States Assembly only permits grants “which support charitable work in Jersey”.  This means that we cannot consider grants for overseas projects
  • The States Assembly requires successful applicants to ensure that people engaging with projects supported by players of the lottery understand where the funding came from by following the guidelines in the “How to acknowledge your funding – a guide for funding applicants”, which you can find here.  In essence, you will have to use lottery and AJC logos on any publicity material you produce and where possible, on buildings or equipment funded by a lottery grant.

What can I not apply for?

Your funding request must be for a specific purpose or project and therefore lottery grants are not available for:

  • General fundraising, appeals or sponsorship
  • Use by the applicant in its own grant making programme; or
  • Projects which only benefit individuals as opposed to the wider community your charity supports

It should also be noted that if your main source of funding is from government or some other statutory or similar body, you should also provide a full justification for the need of lottery funding in your application.

What information should I provide?

The information you will have to provide to support your application depends upon the amount you request and what it is for. Information you will be expected to provide includes:

  • quotes to support the cost of the item you want to fund
  • job descriptions if your grant is for staff costs
  • full details of your bank and investment balances
  • financial statements to demonstrate both good financial management and evidence of financial need and sustainability; and
  • a clear statement of the expected objectives and outcomes of your request

You will also be expected to commit to providing a project completion report if your grant request is successful.

How does the grant process work?

The Officers of the Association meet quarterly to consider grant applications and applications must be received four weeks before the meeting.  Details are published on our website.

The Association is currently implementing a new online application system. If you are intending to submit an application for consideration in March 2020, please register your intention to do so at enquiries@jerseycharities.org so we can support you and make sure you receive all of the information you need to submit your application on time.

For all those intending to submit an application in June 2020, we will be providing training on the new system from late March.



Deadline Dates

Deadline dates and meeting dates can be found here.

If you have any problems with this process please contact the Administrator