How do non members of the Association apply for grants?

The AJC has been granted specific funding from the Channel Island Jersey Lottery Profits for organisations that are in possession of charitable tax exemption from the Comptroller of Taxes in Jersey, and which the AJC has determined meet appropriate standards of governance appropriate to their activities. 

These funds have been made available to the AJC from Lottery proceeds subject to certain conditions:-

  • Lottery proceeds must only be used to support charitable activities in Jersey.
  • The AJC is required to ensure that applicants address how they will meet the ‘How to acknowledge your funding - a guide for funding applicants’ guidelines in their application and monitor grants awarded to ensure that people engaging with projects do understand that it has been supported by players of the Channel Islands Lottery. The guidelines are a requirement of accessing Lottery proceeds.

Charities can apply for a grant of up to £20,000 in any year if they can show financial need.

Applying for a grant is a fairly simple process. 

Firstly, please check your eligibility:

  • You must already be established as a charitable organisation in Jersey for 12 months or longer
  • You must have obtained confirmation of tax exemption from the Comptroller of Taxes
  • You must have registered with the FSC as an NPO
  • You must provide details of the charitable purpose for which you require funds, and the expected impact of the grant
  • You will need to demonstrate financial need and in particular why the funds you have in hand are not available to meet this need.
  • You must meet particular criteria to demonstrate good standards of governance (see below).
    In the interest of being able to demonstrate good governance the Association restricts grants to:
    • Trusts with deeds having a minimum of three trustees, with ideally all trustees resident in Jersey (failing this the majority of trustees must be resident in Jersey);
    • Companies having a minimum number and quorum of three directors;
    • Member organisations (Associations/clubs) having a minimum number of 10 members, and a minimum decision forum quorum requirement of three.
    • Please note that in order to meet the conditions for funding from Lottery proceeds (detailed above) we are unable to consider applications from organisations which:
      • Only raise funds on behalf of UK or international charities
      • Undertake the activities for which funding is sought outside Jersey
      • Raise money to pass on to other organisations
      • Restrict membership or benefit by imposing conditions such as high entry fees or other so as to fail to provide ‘public benefit’.

Please also note that you will need to demonstrate financial need:

  • Once you have submitted your application form, following the instructions online, you must also print, sign and forward it to the Administrator at PO Box 356, St Helier, JE4 9YZ, with the following documents:
    • A copy of Tax Exemption confirmation from the Comptroller of Income Tax
    • A copy of NPO (Jersey) Law 2008 confirmation letter
    • A copy of your up to date constitution/trust deed (governing document) of your organisation
    • A copy of your latest sets of accounts covering the last two accounting years ending not more than 18 months prior to the date of your application
      for newer charities you must have been active for a minimum of 12 months and have financial accounts for your first year or period of account available
    • A list of current members - minimum of 10 (if appropriate)
  • After the next meeting of the committee at which your application is considered, you will be contacted by letter confirming the outcome. If unsuccessful, full reasons will be given.
  • The committee has the right to exercise their discretion when considering applications.

Please download and complete the 'supplementary grant application form for non-members'. Once this form is complete, continue to the online grant application form and complete the relevant information.  Leave the “membership number” field in Section 1 and the Certifications in Section 6 blank.  Follow the instructions for online submission and enclose a printed and signed copy of this form and the grant form plus attachments, to the Administrator.



Deadline Dates

Deadline dates and meeting dates can be found here.
The administrator must be in receipt of all necessary documents by the deadline date.

If you have any problems with this process please contact the Administrator