How do we apply for a grant from the Association?


At the end of last year, we let you know about the exciting launch of our new online grant application portal – now we’d like to give you a bit more information on what this change means for you.

Having seen it in action, we’re convinced that the new system, called SmartSimple, will make it easier, quicker, safer and more convenient to apply for grants. Through the new system, for example, you’ll be able to start an application and come back to it later if you want to make any changes, and you’ll never have to print any paper off again.

And those of you wanting to apply in March will be the first to use it!

What’s changing?

The whole application process is moving online, which means that from March this year, we will only be accepting grant applications through SmartSimple. It will no longer be possible to apply ‘on paper’. The deadline for the next round of applications is 21 February 2020.

If you are planning to apply, the system will be available to you from 15th February here: https:/ajc.smartsimpleuk.com 
This applies to ALL registered charities, not just AJC members.
Below are some points to help you with your application:

  • You need to register on the system as a user before you can make an application. We will be monitoring the system over the weekend and will approve your registration promptly.
  • Once you get an email to say registration is complete, you can log in to the system and set a password, and make an application.
  • You MUST read the on screen instructions and help boxes - particularly on the first application screen where you are asked to "save" your application before you answer any of the questions.
  • If you want a small grant, you should apply by letter, and not on the new system. A small grant is for £4.000 and below, and available to charities with no paid staff – see here: https://www.jerseycharities.org/grants/small-grants
  • If you are having difficulties, email enquiries@jerseycharities.org although support via the email address may be limited. We will respond as soon as we can.
  • You can save your application at any time and return to it, so don’t panic! We are here to help you!



Members can apply for a grant under the following criteria.

Meeting dates

Essential reading;

All grants must be applied for a charitable purpose, as recognised under the Charity (Jersey) Law, 2014, here

Applications for grants will only be accepted where they meet the following conditions:

1. The application is received on or before the deadline date for submitting applications for the next meeting of the Committee (as publicised on the Association's website); and

2. The application form is (in the opinion of the Committee) properly completed; and

3. We do not pay GST or VAT. VAT can be reclaimed on purchases from the UK at point of purchase. GST can be reclaimed from the taxes offices - see FAQ on this site.

4. Grant applications from members may be unsuccessful for a number of reasons. In such circumstances the AJC may be aware of another organisation which would consider the application. If you would like us to forward your application to them directly, you can authorise us to do so by signing the "consent" section of the application form. You will be notified after your application has been forwarded. If you do not want us to release your application to any other organisation, sign the "do not consent" section.

Furthermore, the Administrator must be in receipt of your annual subscription and Annual Return.