How do we apply for a grant from the Association?

Members can apply for a grant under the following criteria.

All enquiries regarding grants must be directed to our Grants Officer, Charlotte Brambilla, on charlotte@jerseycharities.org

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Please read these guidance notes for large grants

You may view the full criteria and Terms & Conditions here145.93 KB

1. The applicant has been a member of the Association for at least six consecutive months prior to making the application (save that this requirement may be waived in circumstances of exceptional and manifest needat the discretion of the Executive Committee); and

2. The grant is to be applied (directly or indirectly) for the benefit of residents of Jersey or their family; and

3. The grant is to be applied to a charitable purpose; and

4. The applicant has displayed a sufficient need for such grant (see below for definition of need).

For the avoidance of doubt the Association defines a charitable purpose as one for (subject to change in 2018 under the Charities (Jersey) Law):

- The advancement of education;

- The advancement of religion;

- The relief of or research into ill health; or

- Any other purpose of benefit to the community not falling within the preceding heads.

Applications for grants will only be accepted where they meet the following conditions:

1. The application is received on or before the deadline date for submitting applications for the next meeting of the Committee (as publicised on the Association's website); and

2. The application form is (in the opinion of the Committee) properly completed; and

3. All papers in support of the application have been provided with the application in a form acceptable to the Committee on or before the deadline date. For the purchase of goods or services, 2 quotations are required up to a value of £9,999 and 3 quotes over £10,000.

4. We do not pay GST or VAT. VAT can be reclaimed on purchases from the UK at point of purchase. GST can be reclaimed from the taxes offices - see FAQ on this site.

5. Grant applications from members may be unsuccessful for a number of reasons. In such circumstances the AJC may be aware of another organisation which would consider the application. If you would like us to forward your application to them directly, you can authorise us to do so by signing the "consent" section of the application form. You will be notified after your application has been forwarded. If you do not want us to release your application to any other organisation, sign the "do not consent" section.

Furthermore, the Administrator must be in receipt of your annual subscription and Annual Return.

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