Small Grants

Small Grants for Small Charities

We receive very few applications for small grants from small charities. The explanation generally given is that the application process is too “difficult” and that the small charities don’t have the time or resource to fill in the forms or collate all the documentation in the format we require.

“Small” charities are now permitted to make one application each year for up to £5,000. The application process is simple – essentially the completion of a template letter, setting out relevant information and attaching appropriate statements and quotes.
We will define “small” as those charities which have no employees.

Please download the template letter here

Once you have completed/ deleted the letter as appropriate, please forward by post or email, with accompanying documentation as explained within the template letter to; Lyn Wilton, PO Box 356, St Helier, JE4 9YZ. lyn@jerseycharities.org