Workshops and Training

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Our aim is to provide training, free of charge to attendees wherever possible, on subjects relevant to any organisation in the charitable and voluntary sector.
Courses that have been provided so far in 2019 on the following subjects:
Title Date Trainer
Media 12.02.19 Alex Mallinson
Media 14.02.19 Alex Mallinson
Anti-bullying 27.02.19 Alsion Fox
Safeguarding Children 14.03.19 Tina Hesse
Safeguarding Adults 28.03.19 Tina Hesse
Cyber Security 23.04.19 Alan MacPherson
Cyber Security 30.05.19 Alan MacPherson
Governance: What's a Voluntary Committee Meant to do 10.06.19 Jane Galloway
Governance: How to run my group, club or charity properly 11.06.19 Jane Galloway
Governance: Marketing my cause, venue or asset 12.06.19 Jane Galloway
Cyber Security 03.07.19 Alan MacPherson
Cyber Security 10.07.19 Alan MacPherson
Media 06.08.19 Alex Mallinson
Media 08.08.19 Alex Mallinson
Governance: Legacy Fundraising 17.09.19 Jane Galloway
Governance: Fundraising Plans & Strategies 19.09.19 Jane Galloway
Suicide Awareness 06.11.19 Steve Tumelty/Lynsey Mallinson
Suicide Awareness 13.11.19 Steve Tumelty/Lynsey Mallinson
Media 13.11.19 Alex Mallinson
Media 26.11.19 Alex Mallinson
Scrum for Charities 27.11.19 Melvyn Pullen
Suicide Awareness 27.01.20 Steve Tumelty/Lynsey Mallinson
Suicide Awareness 04.02.20 Steve Tumelty/Lynsey Mallinson
Most of our training is provided by a professional charity management educator, or by other subject matter experts. Notably Safeguarding via the Safeguarding Board.
We are actively seeking to extend our training offering.
We also provide 1-2-1 help for organisations which are in need of guidance.
Upcoming courses will be listed below as they are arranged.

Disability Discrimination Law Training

Presented by Malcolm Ferey of Citizen's Advice, Jersey.

Malcolm will be giving an hour's talk on the subject, on Wednesday 2nd September, 10am at St Paul's Centre - strict social distancing measures will be in place.

Book your place here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/disability-discrimination-law-tickets-116977429641

Case for Support

Free online webinars.

Jane Galloway of http://www.arclightsolutions.co.uk/ has prepared 3 short webinars on fundraising, 'A Case for Support'. Jane was due to come to the island last month, so instead has prepared these 3 webinars on a subject close to every charity's heart at the moment, how to raise funds for your cause. You will find out how to create a great ‘Case for support’ that will win hearts and minds, covering topics such as:

  • What to include
  • Who it is for
  • What it might look like

They are each approximately 20 minutes long and you can dip in and out of these 3 at your leisure, at home. You can also speed them up, I would suggest no faster than 1.25, otherwise she sounds like a chipmunk!

Once you are satisfied, and have some questions, you can join the live Q & A session on Thursday 30th July beginning at 5pm, for approximately one hour. Even if you have no questions, join in the Q & A as you may learn even more.

The webinars are available now, here:
Part one:
What is a Case for Support?
What goes in it?
Supporting documents required
25 mins
Part two:
Who is it relevant for?
Stakeholders and involvement tools
22 mins
Part three:
What it might look like