Jersey Charities

L'Associâtion des Charités d' Jèrri


About Us

The Association of Jersey Charities is the representative body of the majority of charitable organisations operating in Jersey.

Founded in 1971 the Association has over 250 members. The membership is made up of Jersey charities and other charities registered as charities under the Charity (Jersey) Law 2014 on the basis the charity carries out substantial charity activities in or from within Jersey.
The Association is incorporated under the "Lois (1862 - 1963) sur les teneures en fideicommis et l'incorporation d'associations".


  • Excellence - The Committee expects every member to aspire to high standards of governance in order to attract public confidence and support
  • Community - We work closely with members and are committed to acting as a community resource through the provision of advice and information
  • Openness - We will be open in the conduct of our affairs, except where there is a need to respect confidentiality
  • Local - We ensure that grants made to members are applied directly or indirectly for the benefit of residents of Jersey

Aims and objectives

  • To encourage charitable and community work in Jersey and, in particular, to encourage co-operation and co-ordination of activities between members and prospective members, promote discussion and exchange of ideas regarding service to the community
  • To administer the distribution to members of any funds available to the Association
  • The Association also aims to work closely with members to increase public confidence in the integrity of charity

Client groups served

  • Island charities who are members of the Association
  • Prospective members
  • Corporate sponsors
  • Anyone who wishes to find out more about the work of the Assocation and its members