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Information and Guidance for Jersey Charities from the Jersey Funders Group 

The JFG recognises that some local charities are now moving out of the emergency phase in their response to the Covid-19 pandemic and into the recovery phase with activities restarting in the “new normal” environment. 

The response to the JFG’s collaborative efforts in offering a central point of contact for funding requests appears to have been well received by charity applicants. Accordingly, JFG members are now offering a similar, but simpler, option for routine and recovery grant applications. It will run alongside each JFG member’s own application procedure and is not mandatory – although the JFG does recommend that if you are seeking a large sum (above £50k) and do not have a strong view about which funder(s) you want to work with, that you take the JFG enquiry route as a first step. 

As part of their support for the sector during the emergency response phase, JFG members waived their normal application processes and deadlines and considered requests on an ad hoc basis with funding being approved within a week of the application being received in most cases. Grants for core services and recovery costs are expected to be for larger sums than emergency grants. Accordingly, JFG members will require longer to undertake due diligence and will be returning to regular grant cycles, albeit with greater flexibility in case of demonstrable need. 

Routine and recovery requests 

You have two options: 

  1. Send an email enquiry to with the following information: 
    Subject: Funding enquiry [your charity name] 
    Amount requested 
    Brief explanation of what the money is for 
    Brief statement of who will benefit and in what way 
    Your charity status (registered / pending registration / EFC) 
  2. Make a full application to the funder(s) of your choice directly. 

If you choose option 1, and apply via the central point, the enquiry emails will be collated and circulated to all JFG members. Funders wishing to support you will be in contact and you will be required to go through the Funder’s normal application process. 

If you choose option 2, and apply directly to any JFG member, details of your application will be shared with other JFG members. This will be for information only to avoid duplication and you will deal only with ‘your’ Funder, who will process your request in accordance with its standard procedures. Page 2 of 3 

Pandemic response requests 

If your funding needs are urgent and/or relate to your response to the pandemic, you can still apply for emergency funding. Email and ask for an Expression of Interest (EOI) form. This form requires more information than an enquiry email. Your completed EOI will be reviewed by a JFG panel and if it is eligible for emergency funding, it will be circulated to the JFG members weekly (on Fridays) and will be considered by the JFG members the following Tuesday. You will then be contacted by the Funder(s) which are willing to follow up your request. 

Constraints on funding 

In general terms, the constraints on funding as set out in previous guidance still apply: 

Staff costs and overheads of charities which are unable to deliver services will not be funded and applicants are expected to determine whether they are eligible for the co-funded payroll scheme, and if so apply, before seeking grant funding for staff costs. 

PPE costs will not usually be funded, please refer to the PPE guidance for healthcare professionals and other essential workers and contact 

Volunteers should be used if the activity you need funding for can be resourced by them 

Loss of income 

The JFG members will not usually consider funding requests which are expressed solely as compensation for loss of income due to cancellation of fund-raising events or suspension of paid services. However, JFG members will consider requests where the loss of income would result in the cancellation of a project or curtailment of services. For example, the cost of running our service is £x which we would expect to fund in part from shop takings and event y which was cancelled leaving a shortfall of £z. 

Any questions? 

If you have questions or are unclear about where and how best to apply, contact Jo Le Poidevin at in the first instance.

The following table sets out brief details of those JFG members which are currently accepting direct applications – and any restrictions that apply. All JFG members will see, and may consider funding, all EOIs and enquiry emails submitted.

Participating Funders

 Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy*

Association of Jersey Charities

Ana Leaf Foundation*

Bosdet Foundation

Jersey Community Foundation

Jersey Overseas Aid

Lloyds Bank Foundation Channel Islands

Philip Gower Charitable Foundation

Roy Overland Charitable Trust

Saltgate Giving*

The Ann Alice Rayner Fund*

The Greville Bathe Fund*

The One Foundation

The Sir James Knott Trust

Contact only via