Reclaiming Tax

Reclaiming GST

All charities registered as 'tax exempt' for charitable purposes may reclaim GST directly from the taxes office.

If your charity hasn't already been issued a GST Reference number you should apply to the tax department in writing enclosing a copy of your tax exemption letter.  You will need this number to complete your claim and this should be inserted on the claim form.

Follow this link and read the instructions carefully to make a claim: https://www.gov.je/taxesmoney/gst/businesses/industry/pages/charitiesnonprofit.aspx#anchor-0

Reclaiming tax from lump sum donations

If a donation is made to you for £50 or more, and the donor is a Jersey taxpayer, you can claim an extra 25% on the donation by asking the donor to complete a form R10.
If you collect donations online, then you can add an instruction for qualifying donors to tick a box authorising you to claim the extra 25% from the taxes office, without them having to complete a form R10. Please follow this link to find out how you make a return to the taxes office: https://www.gov.je/TaxesMoney/IncomeTax/Charities/Pages/SubmittingAClaim.aspx#anchor-0

Reclaiming tax on payroll giving

Employers can easily set up 'payroll giving' for their employees and if the annual amount equates to £50 or more, the charity can then claim an extra 25% as a 'lump sum donation'. Please follow this link to find out more: https://www.gov.je/taxesmoney/incometax/charities/pages/makingdonation.aspx