Grants Awarded

Grants are considered at quarterly meetings of the Committee

Awarded September 2021

£185,038 was awarded in grants this quarter.

CI Lottery grants were awarded to:

Jersey Action Against Rape - £20,000 for a clinical supervisor
Jersey Childcare Trust - £22,243 IT and website upgrades.
JSPCA – £27,820 for veterinary equipment

A conditional approval was given to a further £30,000 to one charity

Member grants were awarded to:

Arthouse Jersey - £30,000 towards a Community Producer
First Tower Community Association - £4,500 for floralisation at First Tower
Aureole Music - £3,825 for musical instruments and IT equipment

A further £46,650 was awarded to 2 charities from a private donation.

Awarded June 2021

£435,810 was awarded in grants this quarter.

CI Lottery grants were awarded to:

Brighter Futures - £30,000 to support seven families for one year.
Cheshire Home Jersey - £30,000 towards property renovations.
Jersey Employment Trust – £25,400 to support the allotment project, the training fund and buy a cross-cut saw for the woodshack.
Jersey Hospice Care - £11,900 to provide complementary therapies for in-patients in conjunction with Macmillan Jersey.

St John Ambulance - £15,066 for 50% of the cost of First Aid training in schools for one year.

In- principle approvals for CI Lottery grants were given to:

NSPCC Jersey - £30,000 for the Pregnancy in Mind service for one year.
St Paul’s Centre - £30,000 towards a new ventilation system at the Centre.

A further £85,962 from CI Lottery profits and £56,783 from member funds was awarded to 4 charities on a conditional basis.

£85,000 was awarded to 3 charities from a private donation.

National Emergencies Trust grants were awarded to:

Causeway Association - £7,800 for running costs
Shelter Trust - £11,576.25 for rent on a temporary hostel
Jersey Library Service - £11,322.88 for the Summer Reading Challenge

A small grant of £5,000 from member funds was awarded to Trinity School PTA for playground equipment.

Awarded March 2021

£230,705 was awarded in grants this quarter.

The general grants were funded by a combination of CI Lottery profits and the proceeds of our Booster Appeal, which have now been fully distributed.

General grants were awarded to:

  • Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust - £19,985 for the Access to Nature scheme
  • Family Mediation Jersey - £26,260 to provide services to the Portuguese community
  • Friends of St Thomas’ Church - £12,913 replacement boiler
  • Grouville Parent School Association - £10,600 for nursery equipment
  • Kairos Arts - £29,350 for art therapy training
  • Liberate - £12,500 for office set up and rental

National Emergencies Trust grants were awarded to:

  • Salvation Army - £10,000 vouchers for foodbank
  • Brighter Futures - £10,000 additional mother & baby sessions
  • Jersey Cheshire Home - £8,622 home working and online training costs
  • Causeway Association - £7,800 operational costs
  • Easter food parcel project - £3,323.25

A small grant of £5,000 from member funds was awarded to the Ostomy Society and a further £74,352 was awarded to two charities from a private donation.

Awarded December 2020

The Association has awarded grants totaling £158,097 this quarter with a further £30,000 under consideration bringing the total to £188,097.

CI Lottery grants were awarded to:

  • 7 Overseas (Jersey) Air Training Squadron - £29,950 for an outdoor training facility
  • Jersey Action Against Rape - £26,260 staff costs
  • Jersey Childcare Trust - £23,200 staff costs
  • Jersey Council on Alcoholism - £14,630 for refurbishments
  • Jersey Recovery College - £24,057 staff costs
  • St Clements Sports Club - £10,000 for refurbishments

And a conditional lottery award of £30,000 was made to Macmillan Jersey for staff costs.

Headway Jersey received an award of £30,000 from private funds.

Awarded September 2020

Lottery grants were awarded to:

  • Arthouse Jersey - £30,000 for an Outreach Producer
  • Autism Jersey - £30,000 for training
  • Brighter Futures - £30,000 to support 7 families and 30 children through various programmes
  • Jersey Hospice - £24,857 to install awnings to cover inpatients’ patios
  • Jersey Employment Trust - £5,332 towards a delivery van for Acorn

Grants from AJC administered funds:

  • £80,000 has been awarded to 3 charities to support their recovery from the effects of the Covid pandemic

AJC small grants to:

  • Jersey Search & Rescue - £2,500 specialist clothing and equipment

AJC / National Emergencies Trust combined emergency fund to:

  • Jersey Recovery College - £2,500 remote working equipment
  • Liberate - £4,118 mental health counsellors
  • CrimeStoppers – £5,000 domestic violence media campaign
  • Jersey Alzheimers - £7,224 media campaign and remote working costs
  • Jersey Childcare Trust - £8,300 additional uniforms and remote working costs
  • Jersey Hospice - £12,333 steam cleaning equipment
  • Ace of Clubs – £15,000 equipment

Awarded June 2020

Lottery grants were awarded to:

  • Brightly - £30,000 to cover the costs of nursery placements for care-leavers’ children
  • Lymphoedema Jersey - £12,900 for a nurse / therapist salary
  • NSPCC Jersey - £30,000 for the ‘Let the Future In’ programme.
  • Aspire Charitable Trust / Beresford Street Kitchen - £25,000 'conditional' for staff costs at the new La Hougue Bie café.

AJC grants were awarded to:

  • Salvation Army - £30,000 for structural work at its Minden Street site.

Private donations to:

  • £99,515 to 4 charities for new and continuing projects together
  • £45,800 to 2 charities for their pandemic response costs.

AJC / National Emergencies Trust combined emergency fund to:

  • Salvation Army - £5,000 for the foodbank
  • Community Savings Ltd –  £6,877 support costs
  • Caring Cooks of Jersey – £10,000 towards meal delivery service for vulnerable households

Awarded 10/03/2020

£16,487 Good Companions Club for staff costs
£28,000 Holidays for Heroes to bring extra 'heroes' to the island for Liberation 75
£6,000 Art in the Frame Foundation for staff costs
£30,000 St John Ambulance for staff costs
£11,000 Jersey Eating Disorders Support for staff costs
£7,000 Move on Youth Project for activities
£30,000 Autism Jersey for an IT infrastructure upgrade
£5,000 La Pouquelaye Youth Project for operational costs
£27,000 Silkworth Lodge for the teenager and adolescent support service
£6,000 Jersey Recovery College for staff costs
£27,094 Caring Cooks of Jersey for operational costs
£14,000 St John's School PTA for an outdoor classroom

Awarded 03/12/2019

£30,000 Every Child our Future to fund part-time salary of existing Volunteer Programme Manager (£22,000) and to match fund salary of new post of Community Volunteer and Administrative Assistant (£8,000)
£23,470 Jersey Recovery College to fund existing salary of Clinical and Well-being Lead
£30,000 Jersey Alzheimer's Association towards salary of new Operations Co-Ordinator
£21,600 Jersey Cheshire Home to fund clinical staff training
£10,000 Les Amis to fund redesign of website
£25,495 Jersey Child Care Trust for IT installation for new building, training fees for CEO

Awarded 24/09/2019

Awarded Detail
£50,000 Aspire Charitable Trust (t/a BSK to cover salaries for a chef and support worker at a new café at La Hougue Bie
£30,000 Community Savings Ltd towards the office manager and administrator part-time salaries
£31,200 Jersey Heritage Trust to fund an archiving project of Jersey Occupation Collections for 75th Anniversary of the Liberation
£28,875 Jersey Employment Trust for an IT infrasctructure upgrade
£8,000 Jersey Fire & Rescue Cadets for equipment and website
£30,000 Headway Jersey for salaries for neuro-physiotherapist and sacro-cranial therapist

Awarded 25/06/2019

Awarded Detail
£44,000 Brightly to cover costs of existing fundraiser's salary (£30,000) and £14,000 towards financial support for young people
£50,000 NSPCC towards costs of Let the Future In programme
£30,000 ArtHouse Jerse towards salary of new producer for its outreach programme
£12,780 Grace Trust Jersey to fund existing administrator's part time salary
£5,300 Jersey Heritage to repair foundtain and sculpture at the Museum courtyard
£21,000 Jersey Marine Conservation towards a larger R.I.B. for marine survey project
£19,995 Les Amis to purchase a replacement van for recycling business
£29,160 Sanctuary Trust to fund new full-time support worker
£29,783 Youth Arts Jersey to fund a full time sessional worker
£29,600 Music in Action to help towards costs of (i) educational programme, (ii) educational coaching sessions, (iii) Open Ticket scheme, (iv) salary of development and operations manager
£20,000 Jersey Action Against Rape to fund the salary of a counselling co-ordinator

Awarded 12/03/2019

Awarded Detail
£50,000 Societe Jersiaise to help fund La Cotte de St Brelade conservation project
£25,000 Abbeyfield Jersey Society for a new lift for the home
£30,000 Autism Jersey to help fund a new post, fundraising, events & awareness manager
£30,000 Durrell to help fund Durrell Schools Education programme and Jersey Zookeeper Talk programme
£13,740 Jersey Biodiversity Centre for salary of part time  education and outreach officer
£7,250 Jersey Hospice Care for cost of non-invasive ultrasonic bladder scanner
£18,139 7 Overseas Squadron Air Cadet Corps for purchase of cockpit kayaks and trailer
£3,000 Jersey Eating Disorder Support for operational expenses
£5,000 Jersey Marine Conservation towards cost of new larger R.I.B.
£14,000 Jersey Rescue Dogs towards a new Transit van

Awarded 04/12/2018

Awarded Detail
£31,437 Jersey Heritage Trust for display cases & creation of 'Make Space'
£50,000 Maison des Landes to renovate the hotel manager's accommodation
£50,000 National Trust for Jersey to create a new office, meeting room and disabled facilities
£6,000 Age Concern Jersey for essential roof repairs
£15,000 Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme for award field & development officer salary
£30,000 Jersey Child Care Trust for a CRM system and new fundraising campaign
£25,000 Mind Jersey for a peer support worker manager's salary
£28,236.73 7 Overseas Squadron Air Cadet Corps for 2 outdoor challenge courses and trailer
£3,890 Pain Support Jersey for meeting room hire
£11,000 Le Congres des Parlers Normands et Jerriaise for a pilot project to record Jerriaise text
£2,000 Triumph over Phobia for books and admin costs
£26,000 Love Thy Neighbour for the existing CEO salary
£14,095 Jersey Mencap salary for p/t adult disability support worker
£50,000 JSPCA for New IT and infrasctructure system

Awarded 04/09/2018

Awarded Detail
£50,000 Community Savings for salaries & new CRM system
£45,000 Jersey Marine Conservation project to monitor sub-tidal species and their habitats
£50,000 Silkworth Lodge towards funding large building improvement project
£9,967 Caesarea Association for repairs to roof and dormers
£22,000 Every Child Our Future for existing support staff salary
£30,000 Headway Jersey salaries for two therapists
£5,000 Jersey Disability Partnership for 2 year's running costs
£1,550 Jersey Heritage for 8 pop up exhibition panels
£22,898 Jersey Recovery College salary for new mental health clinician
£9,884 Art in the Frame Foundation extra hours for exising administrator
£10,500 Arts in Health Care Foundation for concert tours over 3 years
£30,000 Love Matters CEO salary

Awarded 05/06/2018

Awarded Detail
£50,000 NSPCC salary for a therapist for the 'Let the Future in' project
£50,000 Grace Trust Jersey for their Grocery Distribution
£30,000 Friends of the Bridge to cover cafe salary costs
£30,000 St John Ambulance for a fundraiser's salary
£29,783 Youth Arts Jersey for sessional youth worker salary
£26,600 Brighter Futures to cover support programmes
£28,770 Sanctuary Trust to fit out all rooms and office

Awarded 06/03/2018


Awarded Detail
£50,000 Durrell to create a walk through butterfly & tortoise exhibit
£30,000 Brighter Futures for a 'Theraplay' project
£29,626 Oasis of Peace for buidling conversion
£19,936 Pain Support Jersey for two admin salaries
£8,455 Gorey Youth Project for two sessional youth worker salaries
£5,857 Jersey Heritage to develop a 'dementia' app
£3,400 First Tower Community Assoc to floralise the Martello Tower
£1,000 Triumph Over Phobia for 3 to attend a conference

Awarded 05/12/2017

Awarded Detail
£49,032 Family Nursing & Home Care for various items of equipment
£14,935 Jersey Child Care Trust for a frundraisers salary
£30,000 Caring Cooks of Jersey for the CEO salary
£30,000 Autism Jersey for a fundraiser's salary
£7,000 Jersey Mencap for a second hand van
£22,000 Every Child Our Future for an administrator's salary
£50,000 Jersey Cheshire Home for a lift
£50,000 Headway Jersey for a therapist & educator salaries & a website
£20,000 Les Amis for a wheelchair vehicle
£30,000 Aspire Charitable Trust for a fundraiser's salary
£50,000 Jersey Employment Trust towards the 'reuse' centre
£11,500 Jersey Eisteddfod for new display boards
£30,000 Normandy Rescue to purchase a second hand ambulance
£25,005 Street Pastors Jersey for admin salary, uniforms & training
£30,000 Jersey Youth Trust to cover rent & utilities for one year
£29,753 Abbeyfield Jersey Society for a new kitchen
£50,000 Oxygen Therapy Centre towards a new hyperbaric chamber

Awarded 05/09/2017

Awarded Detail
£15,368 Jersey Marine Conservation to purchase a new RIB
£2,820 Jersey Child Care Trust for training
£30,000 Le Congres for a Jerriaise teacher salary
£24,900 Music in Action development manager salary & education programme
£24,000 Lymphoedema Jersey for a therapist's salary
£30,000 Jersey Council on Alcoholism to refurbish West Park properties

Awarded 05/06/2017

Awarded Detail
£29,783 Youth Arts Jersey Asst youth worker salary
£30,000 Les Amis towards nursing care facilities
£30,000 Grace Trust Jersey towards 3 x salaries
£1,000 Triumph Over Phobia for books
£4,350 JCRAG for educational element of 'Refugee Week'
£30,000 Silkworth Lodge for exterior maintenance & a roof garden
£30,000 Love Matters for an educator's salary
£27,810 Relate Jersey for training & supervision
£4,142 Jersey Heritage Trust for a 'culture map' for schools
£9,929 Jersey Heritage Trust for a replacement book scanner


Awarded 07/03/2017

Awarded Detail
£30,000 Jersey Sea Cadets to purchase a new RIB
£30,000 Wetwheels running costs for 3 years
£30,000 Elim Rock Community Centre manager's salary
£19,500 Jersey Brain Tumour Charity patient support salary
£15,000 Jersey Arts Trust Paper Talks project and teaching costs
£15,000 Jersey Seasearch educator and supplies
£14,000 Words & Numbers Matter teacher salary and supplies
£4,999 Grouville School PTA an OWL House
£4,999 Jersey Early Years Assoc emergency nursery place funding

Awarded 06/12/2016

 Awarded Detail
 £30,000 Jersey Employment Trust towards a recycling project
 £15,000 Gorey Youth Project Youth workers's Salary
 £30,000 Freedom Church refurbishment of the centre
 £30,000 Autism Jersey fundraiser's salary
 £30,000 Headway Jersey minibus running costs & neuro-physio salary
 £11,700 Pain Support Jersey for 2 part time admin salaries
 £10,000 Jersey Heritage Trust to digitalise old film footage
£9,749 Silkworth Lodge further refurbishment of the Lodge
£4,959 Beachability for a seasonal co-ordinator