Privacy Policy

What we store and what your Data means to us

The Association holds contact details of your organisation and its officers and staff, as provided on the Annual Return, on its database to enable it to contact your organisation as and when required in connection with membership, grants, events and to provide a news e-mail service to all members.

The Association publishes the names, website and correspondence address, and contact details of the main contact of all member organisations on its website for the purpose of making these details available to any party wishing to make contact.

The Association also publishes your reports, photographs, videos  and other evidence of your events, and projects funded by grants from the Association on our website, in our newsletters, and to the States of Jersey (under the terms of our Service Level Agreement which governs the receipt of the Jersey profits from the Channel Islands Lottery), and on all social media.

For non-members, we will only use information given to us for the purpose it is given, with the permission of the person giving this information, to receive contact from the AJC, for legitimate interest, for advertising, for information or sharing.

We will not share or sell any data that you have entrusted to us.