Many people are already fully aware of how heavily some charities rely on legacies to fund their services. Yet although 74% of the population support charities in their lifetime, only about 15% include a charity in their will. *

The Association of Jersey Charities is keen to help raise awareness amongst local charities of how much potential income is represented by the difference in those figures. Just think of how much more charitable income could be generated for your charity, if say, just 20% of the population included a charity in their will!

Part of the reason for such a low number of charitable bequests is that the subject of discussing death is taboo in British society and charities find it difficult to discuss such a delicate subject with their supporters and beneficiaries, especially those charities that deal with serious health problems.

The AJC helps by providing training that enables charities to set up simple and subtle marketing campaigns tailored to each charities’ size, structure and supporter network - see here: https://www.jerseycharities.org/help-and-guidance/training

In parallel, the AJC is keen to support collaborative efforts to raise awareness locally of the importance of legacies and to find ‘safe spaces’ in which charities can openly discuss legacies without fear of upsetting their beneficiaries or supporters.

The AJC’s public facing call-to-action messages reflect a sensitive but clear ask for public support and an insistence that charitable bequests do not have to be big to matter.

•       “Please leave a gift to charity in your Will, after you have looked after your family and friends”

•       “Please leave a gift to charity in your Will – it doesn’t have to be a large amount - any donation will help to make a difference”

The more that these simple messages are repeated, the more they will be heard and acted upon.

*Smee & Ford