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Our aim is to provide training, free of charge to attendees wherever possible, on subjects relevant to any organisation in the charitable and voluntary sector. However, with rising costs we are now obliged to charge a nominal fee for some training and more for specialised training, and this will be payable at the point of booking.
Courses that have been provided for 2022 on the following subjects:
Title Trainer
Quickbooks PKFBBA
Safeguarding Children Tina Hesse
Safeguarding Adults Tina Hesse
Charity Commissioner Update John Mills
Media Training Alex Mallinson
Data Protection OIC
Building a Winning Team  Arclight Solutions
Trustee Roles & Responsibilities Arclight Solutions
Corporate Fundraising Arclight Solutions
Employment Law JACS
Personnel Basics HR Now
Our training is provided by a professional charity management educator, or by other subject matter experts.
We are actively seeking to extend our training offering.
We also provide 1-2-1 help for organisations which are in need of guidance, please contact the administrator for more information on this.
We will be endeavouring to provide the following training for 2023, however any of them may be subject to change. For those sessions that are firm and have been booked, please see individual tabs below to book your place.
Title Date Trainer Fee
Safeguarding Children 13.02.23 Shelley Brockbank Free
Safeguarding Adults 27.02.23 Shelley Brockbank Free
Quickbooks for Beginners 28 Feb 1, 2 March BKFBBA £45
Media Training 14 & 15 March Mallinson PR £50
Quickbooks for Improvers 21 22 23 March BKFBBA £45
Charity Commissioner Update 18.04.23 John Mills Free
Cyber Security 25.04.23 OneCollab Free
Trading Standards 03.05.23 Trading Standards Free
Gambling Law 23.05.23 JGC Free
Governance - Legacy & In Memoriam Fundraising 27.06.23 Arclight Solutions £30
Governance - Good Governance - running your organisation properly 28.06.23 Arclight Solutions £30
Governance - Fundraising Plans & Strategies 29.06.23 Arclight Solutions £30
OBA Training part 1 06.09.23 Mary Curtis £40
OBA Training part 2 13.09.23 Fiona Vacher  
Supporter Experience & Supporter Journey

19 & 26 Sept
3 & 10 Oct

Coutts Consulting £50
Safer Recruitment 17.10.23 Melanie Grandfield £10
Quickbooks for Beginners 14,15,16 Nov BKFBBA £10
Safeguarding Adults - ON HOLD UNTIL 2024 November Tina Hesse Free
Safeguarding Children - ON HOLD UNTIL 2024 November Tina Hesse Free
OBA Training part 1 22.11.23 Mary Curtis £40
OBA Training part 2 29.11.23 Fiona Vacher  
Quickbooks for Beginners 5,6,7 December BKFBBA £10
Upcoming courses that are booked are listed below.
Please note: names of attendees will be shared with the trainer and by signing up you are happy for your name to be shared

Quickbooks for Beginners

Two sessions for beginners.

These sessions are made up of 3 X 3 hour sessions in each week - so you will need to attend all 3 sessions in the week you are booked on.
There will be a charge of £10 per person attending 3 X 3 sessions, payable at the time of booking.
Only 7 places left.

The first for beginners:
Tuesday 14th November, Wednesday 15th November and Thursday 16th November, from 9.30am -12.30pm.

The second for beginners:
Tuesday 5th December, Wednesday 6th December and Thursday 7th December from 9.30am-12.30pm.

All sessions are 9.30am to 12.30pm, at Digital Jersey here is a map for reference.
Digital Jersey Hub
Ground Floor, Block 3, Grenville St, JE2 4UF
All sessions delivered by Sally Fillieul of PKFBBA

For all sessions you will need the following:

  • Most importantly - you need to have an email address that has no associations with QuickBooks Online.
  • ie. It hasn't been used ever for an invite or to create a QuickBooks Online company
  • It can be a private email - it doesn't have to be a work/charity one as it is only for training purposes.
    • You can set up a Google email account ahead of time just for this purpose if you are not sure.
  • You need to bring a laptop and charger (extension leads provided)
    • I don't have any spare laptops I can bring in as a contingency
    • Tablet/iPad/iPhone, etc are NOT suitable
  • Pen & Paper
  • I will provide you with a Workbook that you can keep for reference (provided on booking).
    • Please print and bring it with you - it will be helpful for reference.

Specific instructions will be provided once you have booked on. 
Please book your place directly by emailing

OBA Training

OBA Training for September & November
Introducing an Outcomes Based Accountability Approach for your Charity (AKA how to measure the difference your charity makes).

This course is delivered in two parts with the first session introducing you to what an OBA approach is and why you would adopt it in your charity. It covers basic OBA principles, expressing and measuring how your charity "makes a difference" and how you can utilise this approach in planning and grant applications. The sessions are suitable for charity governors, CEOs and fundraisers and no prior knowledge of OBA principles is required.
Part two is a workshop where you will gain an insight into the steps that a local charity took to implement and apply the OBA approach to their work and the difference this has made to them and their stakeholders. You will then be helped to get started by applying an OBA approach to one aspect of what you do in your charity.

Part 1 is delivered by Mary Curtis of Calmera Limited, Wednesday 6th September 14.30 till 16.30 at Pips Place, Union Street, St Helier
Part 2 is delivered by Fiona Vacher, CEO of Jersey Child Care Trust, Wednesday 13th September 09.30 till 11.30 at Pips Place, Union Street, St Helier.
Book your places here:

Part 1 is delivered by Mary Curtis of Calmera Limited, Wednesday 22nd November 09.30 till 11.30 here at at Pips Place, Union Street, St Helier
Part 2 is delivered by Fiona Vacher, CEO of Jersey Child Care Trust, Wednesday 29th November 09.30 till 11.30 here at Pips Place, Union Street, St Helier.
Book your places here:

Only 15 places available on each session, however there will be a waiting list so please still register if the session is full and you will be advised if a space becomes available.
Please note by booking on this training you are booking on both part 1 and part 2.
There is a fee of £40 per person, to include both sessions, payable on booking and which will be refunded (net of booking platform charges) once you have completed both sessions. Once booked, please advise soonest if you cannot attend.