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Our aim is to provide training, free of charge to attendees wherever possible, on subjects relevant to any organisation in the charitable and voluntary sector.
Courses that have been provided for 2020 on the following subjects:
Title Date Trainer
Suicide Awareness 27.01.20 Steve Tumelty/Lynsey Mallinson
Suicide Awareness 04.02.20 Steve Tumelty/Lynsey Mallinson
Online grant system training 15.02.20 Marie du Feu
Online grant system training 17.02.20 Marie du Feu
Safeguarding Children 03.03.20 Tina Hesse
Safeguarding Adults 12.03.20 Tina Hesse
A Case for Support - webinar, still available   Jane Galloway
Disability Law Talk 02.09.20 Malcolm Ferey
Most of our training is provided by a professional charity management educator, or by other subject matter experts.
We are actively seeking to extend our training offering.
We also provide 1-2-1 help for organisations which are in need of guidance, please contact the administrator for more information on this.
We will be endeavouring to provide the following training for 2021, however any of them may be subject to change. For those sessions that are firm and have been booked, please see individual tabs below.
Title Date Trainer
Legacy Fundraising February Dr Claire Routley, legacyfundraising.co.uk
Charity Law update 27.04.21 John Mills, Charity Commissioner
Capacity Law 17.05.21 Ian Dyer, Law at Work
Data Protection 08.06.21 Anne King, Office of the Information Commissioner
Data Protection 10.06.21 Anne King, Office of the Information Commissioner
Trustee Roles & Responsibilities 23.06.21 Jane Galloway, Archlight Solutions
Safeguarding Children 06.07.21 Tina Hesse, Highlands College
Safeguarding Adults 13.07.21 Tina Hesse, Highlands College
Accounting for reserves July Kirsty McGregor, AJC Treasurer
Connecting with People-Suicide Awareness July Lynsey Mallinson
Safeguarding Adults 07.10.21 Tina Hesse, Highlands College
Safeguarding Children 14.10.21 Tina Hesse, Highlands College
Supporter Journey X 2 modules October Sarah Coutts, Sarah Coutts Consulting
Supporter Experience X 2 modules November Sarah Coutts, Sarah Coutts Consulting
Connecting with People-Suicide Awareness November Lynsey Mallinson

Outcomes Based Accountability training, for charity governors and grant applicants, schedule to follow.
Upcoming courses that are booked are listed below.

Outcomes Based Accountability (OBA) MORE PLACES NOW AVAILABLE

Seminars & workshops - training provided by Mary Curtis of Calmera Limited.

The Association of Jersey Charities is providing a series of training opportunities to all charities in Jersey.  This training has been initiated by the Jersey Funders Group (JFG) - a group of the biggest charitable funders in the island.

Funders know how hard Jersey charities work to enrich community life in the Island and we are proud to support this fantastic effort. But not all charities are good at really describing the difference they make. Members of the JFG want to help charities describe the impact of their work - this will help us to ensure that our funds are awarded to the work which will bring the greatest benefit to where it is needed.

Funders do not want to add to the administrative burden of the charities they support and so this training will offer a simple method of demonstrating the impact of services and it should become part of all grant applications. All funders will ask for the same information about expected outcomes when grant applications are made. When the Government of Jersey commissions services, it will also move to the same method of measuring outcomes.

The AJC is offering two different user-friendly sessions: 

  • a one hour seminar which will offer an overview of the methodology for measuring the impact - or difference - a service will make. This should be attended by trustees, governors or directors of charities - anyone who is not directly involved in writing grant applications but who should have an understanding of what grant funders will be asking for and can make the necessary resources available to anyone making an application in their organisation;
  • a two hour workshop which will include an overview of the methodology and practical support in explaining how to provide the information that funders will be asking for in future.

We look forward to seeing you at what we hope will be enjoyable, thought-provoking and - above all - helpful events.

The free sessions will be delivered by Mary Curtis of Calmera Business Consultancy at St Paul’s Centre at the following times and dates, subject of course to any change in Covid restrictions in place at the time:

One hour sessions – Board Trustees/Governors

Two hour sessions – Grant Applicants

Booking conditions under Covid restrictions

The sessions need a minimum of 10 participants to go ahead – which is also the maximum number of attendees allowed under current Covid restrictions. If your chosen date(s) are already full, there are 5 further places on a waiting list. If you book and cannot attend, please cancel the booking to release the place to someone on the waiting list. Please only book one participant per charity at any session – we need a mix of representation from small to large charities across sectors to encourage discussion. Please ensure the booking is in the name of the participant. If Covid restrictions change and we can accommodate more than 10 people, we allocate places to anyone on the waiting list. If the session has to be cancelled, we will give as much notice as possible and you will have priority on re-booking.

Data Protection

We have arranged the following training, provided by Anne King of the Office of the Information Commissioner, at no cost to you - “Data Protection Checklist & Guidance for Charities”.
You can book now here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/data-protection-tickets-135713493713
Thursday 10th June, 1pm to 2.30pm, St Paul’s Centre

Data Protection

Data Protection, a checklist and guidance for charities, presented by Anne King of the Office of the Information Commissioner

Tuesday 8th June, 9.30am to 11am, at St Paul's Centre.

Book your place here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/data-protection-tickets-132985640631

Governor (Trustee) Roles & Responsibilities

This training is brought to you at no cost by the AJC. With Jane Galloway, Charity Specialist of http://www.arclightsolutions.co.uk/

This will be a ‘lightning tour’ of good governance to help improve Board (Governors) performance for existing, new or prospective non-profit Board members. It will also help staff who have to work with Boards gain a greater appreciation of the roles and responsibility board members have and how to utilise this voluntary leadership for the maximum benefit of the organisation.

The people who serve on the governing body (board) of a charity/non profit making organisation, are known as Governors according to Charity Law (Jersey) but they are also known as trustees, directors, board members, or committee members.

They are responsible for the strategic direction, general control and management of the organisation, they generally don’t get involved in the day to day activities of physically running the charity, (although in some smaller charities this is often necessary) their role is primarily about good governance.

The great majority of trustees serve in a voluntary capacity and don’t expect to receive any payment for their work; they come from all walks of life, and are united by their common interest in the cause and often a desire to create a positive change in society. Being a board member (governor/trustee) should be rewarding and enjoyable, and an opportunity to serve the community whilst learning new skills, broadening horizons and experiences.

This workshop will provide an overview of the different roles and responsibilities of governors, how they can develop their own skills, knowledge and understanding in the role in the future, in order to best support the organisation in delivery of its mission.

Book your place here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/governor-trustee-roles-responsibilities-tickets-154553615023

Safeguarding Children

This training postponed from March 2021 - if you were booked on and wish to attend this training, please rebook here.

Led by Tina Hesse, Lecturer at Highlands College

Tuesday 6th July, 6.00pm to 9.00pm, St Paul's Centre

Book your place here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/safeguarding-children-tickets-155578071199

Safeguarding Adults

This training postponed from March 2021 - if you were booked on and wish to attend this training, please rebook here.

Led by Tina Hesse, Lecturer at Highlands College

Tuesday 13th July, 6.00pm to 9.00pm, St Paul's Centre

Book your place here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/safeguarding-adults-tickets-155578903689

Safeguarding Adults

Led by Tina Hesse, Lecturer at Highlands College

Thursday 7th October, 5.30pm to 8.30pm, St Paul's Centre

Book your place here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/safeguarding-adults-tickets-132955408205

Safeguarding Children

Led by Tina Hesse, Lecturer at Highlands College

Thursday 14th October, 5.30pm to 8.30pm, St Paul's Centre

Book your place here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/safeguarding-children-tickets-132977020849

Case for Support

Free online webinars.

Jane Galloway of http://www.arclightsolutions.co.uk/ has prepared 3 short webinars on fundraising, 'A Case for Support'. Jane was due to come to the island last month, so instead has prepared these 3 webinars on a subject close to every charity's heart at the moment, how to raise funds for your cause. You will find out how to create a great ‘Case for support’ that will win hearts and minds, covering topics such as:

  • What to include
  • Who it is for
  • What it might look like

They are each approximately 20 minutes long and you can dip in and out of these 3 at your leisure, at home. You can also speed them up, I would suggest no faster than 1.25, otherwise she sounds like a chipmunk!

Once you are satisfied, and have some questions, you can join the live Q & A session on Thursday 30th July beginning at 5pm, for approximately one hour. Even if you have no questions, join in the Q & A as you may learn even more.

The webinars are available now, here:
Part one:
What is a Case for Support?
What goes in it?
Supporting documents required
25 mins
Part two:
Who is it relevant for?
Stakeholders and involvement tools
22 mins
Part three:
What it might look like