Jersey Charities

L'Associâtion des Charités d' Jèrri


Grants from private, conditional and restricted funds

The AJC administers grants from a number of awards made by third party, private and charity donors.  Applicants cannot usually apply directly for a grant from these funds unless invited to do so by the AJC as they have specific criteria and restrictions set by the donor.

The AJC selects applications which meet the relevant criteria from requests submitted to both the Jersey Funders Group and its own general grants programme. If a request qualifies for funding from one of these donations and is selected from applications submitted to the JFG, you will be contacted and invited to apply.  If you have made an application for an AJC grant, you will be contacted and advised that it is being considered for funding from a specific donation.  In both cases you will be advised whether any particular conditions apply.

The application process is the same as for any AJC grant except that you may be asked to select a named “funding opportunity” on the grants portal.