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L'Associâtion des Charités d' Jèrri


Register with to match with volunteers. connects Jersey’s non profit organisations such as local charities, community events, sport teams, green initiatives and those who need a helping hand finding suitable and willing volunteers.

Jersey Overseas Aid

Find volunteer opportunities here.

Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA) is the Island’s official, publicly-funded relief and development agency.

JOA offers the unique opportunity to volunteer overseas with fellow islanders which encourages personal development as well as bringing lasting benefits to poor and vulnerable peoples.

Key to JOA’s Volunteer Programme is its ability to raise awareness in Jersey of global issues and lead to lasting connections with communities all over the world.

Applications are open annually, with typically two to three trips on offer every year. To find out more about which projects are happening this year and how you can apply, please visit our website:

Looking for new Governors for your Charity?

If you are looking for treasurers, please email, and your request will be circulated to accountants on their mailing list. 

All requests for governors should also be sent to to ciruclate on the AJC networks.

While the JSCCA would normally request a membership fee of £500 for an organisation or £25 for individual membership, Jersey Society of Chartered and Certified Accountants has agreed to waive the £25 individual membership fee for employed finance personnel in the Voluntary Sector as part of our commitment in supporting this valuable sector in our community. Please contact Caroline, the JSCCA Secretary Caroline Harrington to arrange free individual membership along with confirmation of their member institute and organisation they work for.

Community Jobs Fund

How could the Community Jobs Fund help your charity.

The Community Jobs Fund Back to Work initiative matches suitable jobseekers to roles with a community benefit. We pay the wages of an eligible candidate recruited by an employer into a role of up to six months.

The role must provide:

  • the candidate with skills and experience
  • a tangible benefit to the wider community

Find out more here:

National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)

General information on volunteering in the UK and overseas.

The NCVO offers information on volunteering opportunities in the UK and overseas, and general volunteering information.


Use your skills to make a real contribution

Sharing your knowledge, skills and energy with others makes a huge difference. Our placements are carefully designed with everyone from governments to local community groups to make sure you pass on the right skills to the right people. 

This way, people can life themselves out of poverty, and stop relying on others. And you'll change the lives of many, many people.

Join us and see just how much of a difference you could make: