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Sat, 13th Jun, 2020, 10:00 - 15:30

Jersey Eating Disorders Support is excited to announce that Dr Pooky Knightsmith is holding a conference for us. This free event is being held online via Zoom on Saturday 13th June 2020 and is open to everyone! Whether you have personal experience of living with or caring for someone with an eating disorder, you’re a professional dealing with people with eating disorders or you just want to learn more, this is a great opportunity to obtain a better understanding of this very misunderstood condition. Eating disorders are on the increase and have the highest mortality rate of any mental health condition. Please join us for what promises to be a light-hearted, informative event. Hope to see you there! Pleas click on the following link to obtain a ticket: 


Below is a brief outline of the day.  Both the morning and afternoon sessions are suitable for everyone but if you can only attend one or the other, the morning is aimed more at those living with an eating disorder and the afternoon is for those caring for or supporting someone with one.  The morning and afternoon sessions are different so information will not be repeated if you attend both.  One ticket covers both sessions.
Morning Session
10am - Opening of event by JEDS Chairperson, Karen Dingle, housekeeping and explanation of the services that JEDS is now offering. 


10.10 - Amy Dingle, peer support worker to say a few words around how living with an eating disorder can help her to support others. 


10.15 - Karen introduces Pooky to the event who talks about her own experience of living with an eating disorder and what brought her to teaching about them. 


10.30 - 12.30 Morning session concentrating on those living with an eating disorder. 


A life half lived? Ideas and inspiration for those living with an eating disorder 

During this session we’ll explore the realities of living with an eating disorder and we’ll take an honest look at both positives and the negatives. We’ll explore a range of ideas designed to help us find contentment beyond calories and explore some of the barriers to getting well, what we might be able to do about them and why it’s totally worth it. 


12.30- 1pm Lunch break. 

Afternoon Session


1-1.15 - Karen to welcome those returning and the new people arriving for the afternoon session. She will explain the services that JEDS are offering and welcome Pooky back. 

1.15 Dr Pooky to introduce herself to those who did not attend the morning session. 


1.30 - 3.30pm Afternoon session for those supporting someone with an eating disorder. 


Walking with. Ideas and inspiration for those supporting someone with an eating disorder. 

During this session we’ll dive deep into the role of those who live with, work with or care for someone with an eating disorder. We’ll consider what helps, what doesn’t and what we need to be doing to look after ourselves too. 


3.30pm Finish


Certificates of attendance will be sent by email after the event.  


I very much look forward to seeing you all at, what promises to be, an interesting insight into the world of eating disorders.  


Grateful thanks go to the Association of Jersey Charities who is enabling this event to take place without the need to charge for tickets. 

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