True Grit Wetwheels Challenge

Wetwheels Jersey Limited

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Ronez Quarry

Sun, 17th Oct, 2021, 09:00 - 12:00

The challenging course is set in a unique and stunning location, taking runners on a challenging adventure through the Ronez Quarry site on Jersey’s rugged North coast. The physical but fun route involves tough terrain and challenging climbs, all whilst navigating around the gigantic Ronez machinery and equipment! Set in one of Jersey’s most remarkable environments, runners will start their race in a series of waves at the top of the quarry, then make their way below sea level to the bottom of the pit before starting the climb back out. This tough course is made well worth it by the panoramic views over to the North coast of Jersey at the finish. The pit depth is instantly changing as work continues, currently, the pit is 30 metres below sea level – the course may change with the quarry depth, so runners should be prepared for a maximum distance of 5KM

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