Mindfulness and Yoga Workshop

Jersey Action Against Rape (J.A.A.R.)

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The Bridge

Sat, 15th May, 2021, 09:00 - 13:00

We are very excited to be able to start organising fundraising events again, after a difficult year of various lockdowns, we thought we would organise a two-hour workshop, giving an introduction to Mindfulness and Yoga. Having the skills to help tackle everyday stresses on our mental health is becoming more and more essential. Mindfulness and Yoga is something that anyone can do and can help to manage every day challenges whilst allowing you to take some control over your own wellbeing. We are delighted to have this event supported by Luke Billings and Stacey Baxter who both have a huge amount of experience in teaching people the techniques to manage everyday stress and to release the anxiety people may be feeling. The workshop will run over two hours on Saturday 15th May at The Bridge Child and Family Centre. Two sessions available (9am – 11am & 11am – 1pm) Please contact fundraising@jaar.je or call 01534 482801 to purchase and book your ticket - limited numbers available Mindfulness Workshop - provided by Luke Billings What you will learn • Welcome & quick overview of the Workshop • Mindfulness & Meditation, the basics: History, Science & the modern revival! • Mindfulness of Breath - Breath Meditation Discuss experience in pairs & Feedback • The What & Why of stress! An overview of what stress is and its causes; Examples of workplace stress used. • Focus on Mindfulness–Quick Movement Exercise • Embodiment- Grounding Meditation Discuss experience in Groups or pairs & Feedback • The How of Stress! Why Meditation and Mindfulness work to reduce stress and improve wellbeing • Mindfulness of Breath 2 - Breath Meditation, with the Addition of positive affirmations Discuss experience & Feedback • Final overview - Summary of Key points YOGA Workshop – Provided by Stacey Baxter During this workshop you will be given the power to let go and bring love into your heart. Stacey’s classes will bring you the energy & feeling of being grounded & secure.

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