Pentathlon Team Challenge (6 person team for a 2hour fun but challenging event)

Gurkha Welfare Trust Jersey (GWTJ)

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Sat, 30th Oct, 2021, 09:00 - 12:00

A 6 person team for a 2hour fun but challenging event.
The Gurkha Welfare Trust (Jersey) Pentathlon Challenge will be the first of its kind in Jersey, challenging Teams of six individuals over five military style tasks. The Pentathlon Challenge will test communication skills, leadership, teamwork, fitness and skill. The aim of the event is to raise further charitable donations as well as awareness and support to enabling GWTJ in partnership with JOA to continue to assist the development and construction of schools to enable children suitable education facilities. The charitable donations will also be utilised to fund reconstruction and build Community Centres, whilst enhancing local water and sanitation projects in Gurkha villages. For further information and to book please contact Rob Moy email: rob.moy@hotmail.co.uk or Phone; 07829 777666

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