AJC 50th Anniversary ‘Charity Insights’ webinar series

Association of Jersey Charities

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Tue, 28th Sep, 2021, 13:00 - 14:00

The third webinar in a series marking the Association of Jersey Charities’ 50th anniversary this year will look into digitalization in the charity sector.

Building on the success of the previous two ‘Charity Insights’ webinars, which looked at fundraising and effective partnerships, the next webinar will be entitled ‘Leveraging digital in the charity sector’ and will take place on 28th September at 1pm.

Drawing on real life experiences, panelists on the webinar will explore whether charities are appropriately geared up for a digital future, where there are opportunities to embrace digital tools to improve governance, operations, fundraising and communication, and how charities can be leaders in using technology to bring about innovative change in key areas.

Moderated by AJC Chairman Kevin Keen, panelists for the webinar include Ed Prow, Managing Director of The Potting Shed, Rory Steel, Head of the Digital Jersey Academy, Michelle Gray, Manager of the Jersey Biodiversity Centre and Rebecca Curtis, Monitoring and Impact Officer for Jersey Overseas Aid.

Conceived to form part of the AJC’s 50th anniversary plans this year, the quarterly ‘Charity Insights’ series is designed to prompt discussion around key topical areas impacting the charity space in Jersey.

Commenting on the next instalment in the webinar series, Kevin Keen said:

“Digital adoption has been a long-term trend in the charity sector, but certainly the experience over the past year or so has really served to highlight not only the benefits of digitalization but just how vital embracing technology is for charities to deliver on their objectives.

“Of course, digitalization is a broad and potentially complex area and I’m delighted that our panel for this session will be expertly placed to break down the wide ranging benefits of digital technology and provide some fascinating insights into how charities can leverage digital to help position them strongly for the future.”

Places for the webinar are free and registration is available here.

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