How do we arrange a street collection?

Want or Need to arrange a street collection? Here's how.

The Bailiff exercises a customary right (which derives from the prohibition against begging) over the collecting of money in public places. The permission of the Bailiff rather than the Connetable, is required for any such public collection.

Public collections

Taking collections in public places requires the permission of the Bailiff under Customary Law powers. A person who collects in public without the Bailiff’s permission is acting contrary to the Law.

Applying for permission

Anyone seeking permission to collect in public must make such a request in writing to the Chief Officer

Details must be given of the proposed time and place of the collection, with the name of the organisation that will benefit. In the event that a collection is proposed on behalf of another charity, written evidence will be required that this charity recognises the collector and supports the collection before the application is considered.

The Bailiff’s permission

If permission is granted for a collection, a letter of authority will be issued subject to the following conditions:

  • the name of the beneficiary of the collection is clearly displayed
  • the collection is taken in a container with a closed lid
  • a copy of the letter of authority is retained by those taking the collection
  • the Parish in which the collection is taking place has been consulted

A copy of the letter will be sent to the States of Jersey Police. The Bailiff may, within 14 days of the collection, require a receipt of the proceeds of the collection from the charity concerned.

Flag days

Local charities, or UK charities with local branches, may apply for a ‘Flag Day’ which entitles the organisation to make house-to-house collections and to have a single day or a week during which collectors may operate widely on their behalf.

Flag Days are strictly controlled both in consideration of the charities themselves (to ensure that they are not competing unfairly against each other) and of the public at large.

Charities must apply in writing to the Bailiff’s Chambers (address above) by 15th November in the year before the proposed Flag Day. Applications will be considered in December and dates allocated by the end of the year.

Flag day permits

There is a fee of £10 for a Flag Day and a formal permit is granted subject to a number of conditions which the organisers are required to observe in the interests of good practice. The conditions are as follows:

  • no person may assist or take part in any collection or sale without an armlet, badge or certificate showing his authority

  • no collection or sale shall be made on a public footpath or in any public place to the obstruction or annoyance of any person on such footpath or in such public place

  • no collector or vendor shall use a table for the purpose of any collection or sale so as to cause or be likely to cause obstruction

  • no collector or vendor shall importune any person to the annoyance of such person

  • every collector or vendor shall carry and present to each contributor or purchaser, for the receipt of his money contribution, a box or other receptacle securely closed and sealed in such a way as to prevent its being opened or the money extracted without such seal being broken

  • every collector or vendor shall deliver his boxes or other receptacles with the seals unbroken to one of the persons responsible for the proper application of the money received

  • no collector or vendor shall carry any collecting box, receptacle or tray which does not bear displayed prominently thereon the name of the fund for which the collection or sale is being made

Please call 441100 or email r.traisnel@gov.je

Common queries

Do I require permission for a sponsored event - eg a charity walk?

You do not require permission unless you want to take a public collection during the course of the event. In this case you will require a letter of authority issued on behalf of the Bailiff. Sponsored events do not, in themselves, require the Bailiff’s permission although events which involve use of Parish roads or footpaths require the consent of the Connetable of the Parish concerned.

I represent a UK charity. Can I apply for a flag day in Jersey?

Flag days are normally granted only to local charities or to UK charities with a branch in the Island. They are not normally granted to individuals or groups wishing to organise collections in the Island.

Can I collect money for an individual?

Permission to collect is normally given only for organisations and not for individuals.

Can I split the proceeds of a collection between different charities?

As long as you have applied for permission to collect for more than one charity and the names of the charities are displayed this is in order. However, you must ensure that all the proceeds of the collection go to the bodies for which it has been made.

I want to collect items for prizes in a raffle. Does this need the Bailiff’s permission?

You do not need the Bailiff’s permission to collect items from retailers for use as prizes in raffles. However, with regard to the conduct of raffles, or any other activity dependent on chance, you should contact the Gambling and Lottery Office for further advice.

If you have any queries relating to public collections, please contact the Chief Officer, Bailiff's Chambers