Jersey Assoc for the Provision of Holidays for Former Prisoners of Conscience

Membership Number: AJC194 / Registered Charity Number: 245

To provide holidays in Jersey for persons who have been recognised as having been prisoners of conscience and /or who have been subjected to torture - as recognised by Amnesty International or the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture. Our guests are bona fide torture survivors and former prisoners of conscience, who are now living as refugees in the UK. Most are highly educated former professionals, surviving in meagre and often harsh circumstances, who benefit enormously from the short breaks we offer. All are a delight to meet and involvement in this charity is hugely rewarding as well as extremely interesting and thought provoking. Anyone who would like to know more about us can contact me on cozcrill@gmail.com or by phone at 852226.

Coin au Soleil
Le Clos du Mont Arthur
St Brelade

t: 01534 725801
e: mccarthy3600@gmail.com

assistant Treasurer: Patrick McCarthy