Mustard Seed (Jersey)

Membership Number: AJC227 / Registered Charity Number: 107

To assist those in need in Eastern Europe, through fund-raising to support in-country self-sufficiency projects, sending humanitarian aid, offering encouragement and spiritual support as needed to any, regardless of creed and culture.

Volunteer Role

Fund-raising for transport and projects; assisting collect, sort, pack relief aid, knitting hats, blankets etc for shipment overseas; checking donated equipment including computers, prior to shipment overseas.

Volunteer Commitment

Left to individual.

Cardiff House
La Ruette du Coin Varin
St Peter

t: 01534 482637
f: (01534) 485184
e: mustardseedjersey@yahoo.co.uk
w: http://www.mustardseedjersey.co.uk

Co-ordinator: Rose Helie-Pallot