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Tommy's The Baby Charity

Membership Number: AJC235 / Registered Charity Number: EFC

Why is our research vital?
One in five pregnancies ends in miscarriage

Over 100,000 women lose their babies each year and the cause is often unknown.This High rate has remained since 1930's

One in 188 babies is stillborn
Although this rate is falling there is still no clear medical reason given for over half of all stillbirths

100 babies are born too small or too soon each day

One in ten of these babies will die or develop serious and permanat disabilities.

The object of the charity is to raise money for advancement in education and practice of gynaecology and funding research

Seascape, Flat 3
La Grande Route de la Cote
St Clement

t: 07797 833183

: Marge McFarlane