Membership Number: AJC301 / Registered Charity Number: 267


To assist people who are unable to access the usual procedures to learn to drive or return to driving;

To recruit and train assessors and instructors;
To provide appropriate vehicles for training and assessment;
To enable people with physical impairment to learn to drive;
To enable new drivers with learning difficulties to learn to drive;
To enable people due to illness or injury having had to stop driving to return to
To assess new and existing drivers’ ability to drive due to illness or injury, providing
reports for the licencing authority and GP’s;
To assist in the facilitation of adapted vehicles to best fit the client’s needs.

1 Shiel
La Grande Route de St Martin
St Martin

t: 01534 863285
e: jsyedu245@localdial.com
w: http://www.driveability.org.je

Secretary: John Grady