Grace Trust Jersey

Membership Number: AJC304

Established in 1999, Grace Trust Jersey is a fully registered Jersey-based Charitable Trust which embraces Christian principles. It provides both practical and personal help to some of the most vulnerable and needy in Jersey. The vision is to facilitate care for the marginalised here in the island. It works to bring help and support to those in need; love and healing to the hurting and sick; comfort to the distressed; hope to the homeless and addicted, and salvation and direction to the lost. It achieves this by setting up its own projects, as well as working closely with existing agencies.

Volunteer Role

The role of the volunteer can vary depending on the type of project they get involved in.
Much of the work is face-to-face work with clients, whereas other work can involve helping with the weekly meals programme,the delivery of food parcels and used household goods,gardening, diy, helping the Parklife choir, marketing, fundraising, organising and helping out at events, and administration, to name a few.

Volunteer Commitment

Time commitment would depend on the individuals' availability as well as the type of project they would like to get involved in.

P.O. BOX 15
St Helier

t: 01534 631667
e: info@gracetrust.com
w: http://www.gracetrust.com

General Manager: Vini Jones