Milli's Separated Family Centre

Membership Number: AJC331

Milli's Separated Family Centre is a community organisation that works with everyone affected by family separation in order to bring about better outcomes for children.

Our services are available to parents who are caring for their children alone, those who are sharing care and those who are not able to spend time with their children. Parents, carers, grandparents or anyone else with concerns about family separation are welcome.

Our child focused work is designed to help parents:

Understand and deal with their own and their children's experiences of the separation.

Make private arrangements for how their children will spend time with both of them.

Work out how to provide financially for their children and

Improve communications so that they can manage the transitions that come with separation in the years to come.

Our services include:-

Milli's Child Contact Centre

Monthly Support Group Meetings

Workshops for parents

One to one support

Telephone, text and email support whenever needed

Volunteer Role

Family breakdown is an in depth subject which makes working with families challenging yet very rewarding. An insight to the subject would be beneficial although we do provide on-going training and support. As a volunteer you will need to be impartial, caring, tolerant, sensitive, flexible, discreet and reliable yet firm and you must always put children's needs first. At Milli’s you will be asked to prepare and clear the areas used and generally be on hand to assist where needed and to ensure the children’s well-being at all times. We have Support Group Meetings for parents which are held once a moth month in the evening. There will also be parent workshops and our separated parenting programme coming on line. We also have an office which needs cover so there are plenty of opportunities for a range of skills.

Volunteer Commitment

Milli's is operational on Sunday mornings from 9.30am until 1.30pm and Wednesdays 3pm until 7pm volunteers are asked to provide cover roughly every three weeks on a rota basis.

47 New Street
St Helier

t: 0800 7351012 & 07797 798192
e: info@millis.je
w: http://www.jerseyseparatedfamilies.org.je

: Denise Carroll