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Street Pastors Jersey

Membership Number: AJC347 / Registered Charity Number: 061

Street Pastors Jersey

Street Pastors Jersey Objective is initially to provide trained pastoral teams to work on the streets of St. Helier, on Saturdays, between 11PM and 3AM. Volunteers are from the local church community who give up their time to help people out for the evening

All Street Pastors are in uniform and have received extensive training in caring, listening and helping, particularly in the context of the night-time economy. Street Pastors work in partnership with other agencies as appropriate. They usually work in teams of four,

Street Pastors care about their communities and want to support them. The Team patrols the town in St Helier, visiting pubs, takeaways and nightclubs, and building good relationships with these premises, the doormen, the police, and taxi marshals among others. Street Pastors provide a range of assistance, for example, offering first aid; sweeping up broken glass; providing flip flops where shoes have been lost or broken (or too painful), and offering reassurance, kindness and support.

Le Clos Paumelle
Bagatelle Road
St Saviour

t: 07829 740004

Secretary & Co-ordinator: Donna Vibert