Caesarean Muscular Dystrophy Welfare Society

Membership Number: AJC35 / Registered Charity Number: 007

Founded in 1977 by parents of Muscular Dystrophy sufferers and well wishers, this Society exists to provide moral support and financial assistance to persons with all types of neuromuscular diseases and their families.
Funds are raised by holding bazaars, sponsored runs, jumble sales, and raffles - these are spent on equipment to help improve the quality of life and allow as much independence as possible for our disabled friends and include such items as stair lifts adapted cars, electric wheelchairs and home helps. The main aspiration for the future is that a cure will soon be found for these tragic diseases.

c/o 9 Clos de la Chapelle
St Lawrence

t: 01534 863783
e: monsmorin@gmail.com

Chair: Mrs Rosemary Morin