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Safer St Helier Community Partnership

Membership Number: AJC362 / Registered Charity Number: 427

The aim of the Safer St Helier Community Partnership (SSHCP) is to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in St Helier by following a few basic principles.

The Safer St Helier Community Partnership and the initiatives it implements is owned and run by members of the community.

SSHCP focuses on issues that are most relevant to the communities in St Helier and seeks to implement solutions that are both practical and sustainable for those communities.

Every initiative is based upon an in-depth study of the particular issue. Whether it is late-night transport or under-age drinking SSHCP will conduct its own research in order to understand the scale of the problem, understand the impact that it has on the local community and inform interventions.

Each initiative will be monitored and evaluated to ensure that it is working as intended and the outcomes are those the SSHCP are seeking to achieve.

SSHCP is very aware of the damage that so called 'Quick-wins' can do to local communities. Our initiatives are all sustainable long-term programmes aimed at making effective long-lasting changes.

11 St. Andrews Court
Le Clos St. Andre
St Helier

t: 07797 735640

Chairman: Colin Russell