Le Congres des Parlers Normands et Jerriais

Membership Number: AJC366

1. To encourage the use of Jerriais and promote and foster Jersey's indigenous cultural heritage.
2. To help organise events from time to time related to the Jerriais language and culture, alone or together with other organisations.

Volunteer Role

Assist in running events and cultural activities. Every 3 years a large event is held locally (La Fete Nouormande) when more helpers may be needed.>
<2016 will be on the weekend of 23/24 July in Avranches.

Volunteer Commitment

Dependent on events, otherwise Committee meets every 2-3 months.

l'Office du Jerriais
P.O.Box 142
Dept.for Education, Sport & Culture,
St Saviour

t: 01534 449290
e: inkyireson@gmail.com
w: http://jerriais.org.je

Hon. Secretary: Colin Ireson