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Membership Number: AJC370 / Registered Charity Number: 008

Pain Support Jersey helps people who suffer from persistent pain and runs  exercise and mindfulness sessions, social events and walks.
Persistent pain inevitably colours someone's life. Work can be affected, social lives disappear, loneliness sets in, self-confidence takes a plunge, and life in general becomes less fulfilled. Every individual is, of course, different, but Pain Support Jersey offers everyone the opportunity to improve their lives, physically and mentally, despite the pain. 
Who can benefit?  
 Anyone who has persistent pain, defined as pain which has lasted for more than three months. It may stem from arthritis, surgery, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and various other causes. Many members have been to the Pain Management Centre at Overdale but this is not essential. People can just turn up.
How can people benefit?
The charity organises indoor and outdoor exercise classes, social events, mindfulness sessions, walks, craft opportunities, talks and hydrotherapy.
 Exercise is so important for people in pain but is often the last thing they want to do because they are scared and believe it will increase their pain. But the  right type of exercises can help significantly and the group offers suitable sessions run by professionals from the Pain Management Centre. 
The social aspects of meetings are also really important. Members appreciate the company of other people who understand just what they are going through and value the chance to speak to each other and the team. Pain can make people isolated and the group offers opportunities to meet people and forge new friendships. Most importantly, meetings are positive and uplifting. 
Where and when do activities happen?
Every Tuesday at the King Centre at Clarkson House, Mont Cochon, members meet for two hours from 10.30 am. Meetings begin with a relaxed chat over coffee, followed by exercises run by the physiotherapists and an optional  mindfulness session. Exercises are done at people's own pace. There is free parking and no charge for the first meeting. 
Every Friday in Coronation Park at Millbrook  outdoor Step Out sessions begin at 10.30, come rain or shine. These are also run by physiotherapists, who ensure that members go at their own pace. The activities centre around the bandstand but make the most of the beautiful surroundings and fresh air. 
On some Thursday mornings at Victoria Cottage Homes, Five Oaks,  social and craft sessions are held or pain specialists and other therapists give talks  on a variety of topics.
Walks are run throughout the year in different parts of the Island.
Hydrotherapy sessions are currently offered twice a week, though spaces are limited due to the size of the Hospital pool.
Social events such as pub lunches are well attended throughout the year, giving members the chance to get to know each other better and enjoy each other's company. PSJ'sChristmas lunch is always great fun. 

Volunteer Role

There are various opportunities to help as a volunteer and Pain Support Jersey would be delighted to meet anyone who wishes to get involved.

c/o The Pain Management Centre
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St Helier

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