Sanctuary Trust (The) (formerly Caring Hands) Sanctuary Trust (The) (formerly Caring Hands)

Membership Number: AJC380

Sanctuary Trust was formed in 2011 (under its original name The Caring Hands Charitable Trust) to provide services for homeless men in Jersey. The Trust is a charity offering shelter, support and a way forward for homeless men to enable them to re-integrate back into Society. At present we offer accommodation to a total of 24 men on two sites namely Sanctuary House in the High Street, St Aubin and Sanctuary Lodge at L'Hermitage Gardens, Beaumont. We also provide an outreach service for those of our residents who have moved on to independent living.

Mission Statement

To provide sanctuary, support and hope to homeless men in crisis.


To eradicate homelessness in Jersey.


We are caring and supportive.  We treat everyone with respect and kindness.

We are non-judgmental .  We do not blame someone for the situation they find themselves in but encourage a desire for self-help to change their circumstances.

We are committed.  When we promise something we will not break that promise.  We also want our men to behave in the same manner.

We are encouraging.  We are positive and will provide support to help men find their own solutions to their problems and regain their confidence and self-esteem.  We help men help themselves.

We are challenging.  We will challenge behaviours and attitudes and positively motivate individuals who want to help themselves.

We are inclusive  We encourage community and mutual support.

Aims and Objectives

  • To give help, support and guidance to men in crisis
  • To provide accommodation to men in need
  • To work with external agencies to provide appropriate levels of specialist support  to our men
  • To assist in obtaining voluntary or paid employment for our men
  • To raise the profile of Sanctuary Trust for the benefit of the charity, our men and the community
  • To assist in finding independent accommodation for our men
  • To encourage our men and staff to work in community projects to encourage and increase understanding and support
  • To provide outreach services for men in the community
  • To help our men develop life-skills
  • To help our men solve their own problems, achieve their goals and move back into Society
  • To work with Social Security to provide work programmes and opportunities leading to open employment opportunities
  • To work with the Prison Service and Probation to provide accommodation and work programmes to former prisoners and those on remand and bail.
  • To encourage respect and self-esteem
  • To promote equality and diversity
  • To provide a compassionate, caring sanctuary to men in need

Sanctuary House
High Street
St Aubin

t: 01534 498487
e: carl@sanctuarytrust.org.je
w: http://www.sanctuarytrust.org.je

Head of Compliance: Carl Blackmore