Littlefeet Environmental Littlefeet Environmental

Membership Number: AJC442

To promote coastal and marine conservation on the Island of Jersey through weekly shoreline cleanups, educational and public seminars and collaboration with other conservation charities/organizations in Jersey. Through shoreline cleanups we are able to collect data on the state of coastal pollution, strandings, skate and ray populations through egg case collection and educate the public on the importance of coastal protection both for the benefits of our Island but also on a global scale.

Volunteer Role

Islanders and tourists are always encouraged to take part in shoreline cleanups. These weekly events are free to the public and help bring coastal conservation to the forefront of the Jersey community.

Volunteer Commitment

Weekly shoreline cleanups take up to an hour to complete � dependent on weather. Refuse bags and gloves are provided by Littlefeet Environmental staff at each shoreline cleanup.

Alfriston Cottage
Rue des Landes
St Peter

t: 07700 711020
e: andy@littlefeet.org.uk
w: http://www.littlefeet.org.uk

Chairman: Andy Farmer