Jersey Biodiversity Centre

Membership Number: AJC452 / Registered Charity Number: 230

The Jersey Biodiversity Centre collects sightings of all aspects of Jersey's wildlife, ecology and natural environment. The primary focus is increasing our records and the number of new species recorded on Jersey.

We run events, stalls, talks and courses throughout the year that get people of all ages connected with nature.

Volunteer Role

To write wildlife articles for our website and Facebook page. To help at events throughout the year working outdoors doing BioBlitz and insect demonstrations. To help input sightings for a variety of species.

Volunteer Commitment

1-5 hours to coincide with events around the island. You can send us any articles you've written from home via email. 1-2 hours per week for data entry at our office.

7 Pier Road
St Helier

t: 01534 633393
e: jbc@societe-jersiaise.org
w: http://www.jerseybiodiversitycentre.org.je

Manager: Amy Hall