Every Child Our Future (ECOF)

Membership Number: AJC466 / Registered Charity Number: 210

Every Child Our Future (ECOF)

Reading and writing are fundamental skills that most children master with little difficulty.

Evidence shows the lack of these basic skills has a negative impact on children’s life chances unless they receive help at an early stage.

Children with low literacy levels may suffer low self-esteem, may become disengaged and have poor attendance at school.

Poor readers are more likely to find employment challenging later on.

In partnership with the States of Jersey Department of Education, we deliver:

Reading Recovery programme run by specialist teachers

Training for teaching assistants in Better Reading @ Primary

An army of trained volunteers who read with children on a regular basis
Trained volunteers who support children with their numeray
Trained volunteers who support children in a pre-school setting, a programme known as Story Starters.

Our volunteers commit to going into schools one hour per week during term time on a one-to-one basis. All volunteers undergo specialised training before they start mentoring any children and will need to complete a child workforce Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check.

D'Auvergne Primary School
La Pouquelaye
St Helier
JE2 3 GF

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Manager: Lucy Le Poidevin