Focus on Mental Illness

Membership Number: AJC506 / Registered Charity Number: 398

Focus on Mental Illness

Our aim is to preserve, and where possible improve, the quality of life of all those in Jersey affected by severe mental illness. Our vision is for every person in Jersey with a severe mental illness to have the opportunity to fulfil her or his potential, and participate in and contribute to all aspects of life and citizenship.

We plan to establish ‘user participation groups’ to ensure that the voices and views of all those affected by severe mental illness are heard and respected at every level, ‘lived experience’ helping to inform their needs. In addition, we will establish ‘user support groups’ to bring together those with severe mental illness to share their stories and experiences and develop skills to support their recovery and improve the impact of symptoms.

Equally, we will seek to support the family members and carers of those so affected, by delivering evidence-based therapeutic family work to those with severe mental illness through relapse prevention, crisis planning and accepting treatment. This will better equip families to support their loved ones in their recovery journey and generally improve family cohesion.

We also aim to work for a better public understanding of severe mental illness by seeking to ensure that its key differences from other aspects of mental health and well-being are well educed. This will include training and awareness programmes, including Mental Health First Aid, to help people to identify the signs and symptoms of mental illness generally (and severe mental illness, specifically) which, in turn, will help with the engagement of the professional support needed for recovery or the successful management of symptoms.

The Office, Fairview Farm
La Rue de Pigneaux
St Saviour

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Co-Executive Director: Liz Kendrick-Lodge