Together Making a Difference

Membership Number: AJC526 / Registered Charity Number: 12

Together Making a Difference

The purpose of TMaD is to enhance educational provision and living conditions in Third World Communities in Africa and Asia. We are currently working with vulnerable communities within Kurigram district in Northern Bangladesh, an area subject to annual flooding, working primarily with established local NGO's who can illustrate current experience in their field of expertise, supported by the local community.

Our first major project included the building of a new brick school (three classrooms and office plus boys' and girls' toilets and separate staff toilet and hand water pump). This opened in January 2020.

Due to 18 months of school closure due to covid-19, TMaD has been able to support with home-schooling, providing hygiene kits for students attending the school as well as food parcels for the most needy during this period of uncertainty.

We have also with the support of JOA approved and completed a WaSH Project (latrines with shelters and hand water pumps with platforms) to provide basic needs to a community in Nageswari, along with hygiene kits as this was so needed and even more so during the covid-19 pandemic.

Our work will now continue as schools reopened on 12th September 2021- there will be many social and academic needs to address as schools become fully functioning and needs become even more apparent.