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James' Ark

Membership Number: AJC532 / Registered Charity Number: 446

James' Ark

Our mission statement - Breaking the cycle of fatherless homes. WHO ARE WE? Children growing up without their fathers in their lives is becoming a crisis worldwide and it is said that 40% of all fathers lose contact with their children within two years after separation. James' Ark seeks to support fathers and their families going through difficult life challenges. One of the most common is family separation and we look to support families to avoid this outcome. We do not discriminate, we help the father and the wider family involved. Whatever your situation, we are there to support you. James’ Ark offers families the support through the separation process to achieve the best outcomes for their children. We offer information, advice and support services for families to help them through probably the hardest times in their lives. By doing so, we can help them feel that they are not alone and enable separating parents to do the best for their children. HOW CAN WE HELP? We will look to raise awareness of this family matter and the effect on the wider family to achieve the best possible outcome for parents and their children. If you are struggling, and need support, come along to one of our support groups or call our helpline, talk to families who have been there, and who have found solutions. We run peer support groups. We encourage positive behaviour from our group members, whether dealing with other services or the other parents. There are aftercare services for any families who have been through the separation process, whether this be a positive or negative outcome for them, we offer them this emotional support. We also offer a McKenzie friend service and can offer advice and first -hand experience through the family court process. We have a support helpline for guidance, a 1-1 mentor support system and there are no fees involved. We support any parent with any struggles because every child deserves both parents love. If we can help the family make these changes, it is the best outcome for everyone involved. Our priority is to support families, in regaining the relationships they deserve, with their family.


Les Pignons
La Pouquelaye
St Helier

t: 07700 311085

Founder and Chairman: James Cunningham