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Jersey International Centre of Advanced Studies (JICAS)

Membership Number: AJC534 / Registered Charity Number: 443

Jersey International Centre of Advanced Studies (JICAS)

The purpose of the JICAS Trust (Jersey International Centre of Advanced Studies (JICAS) is:

(a) the advancement of education, primarily tertiary education and the promotion of research focusing on islands and island communities; and

(b) the advancement of citizenship or community development.

Whereas JICAS is a fee-paying institution, it seeks whereas possible to minimise the fees paid by students whilst still providing a first-class educational experience in order to fulfil its purpose. JICAS is dedicated to widening the access to the courses offered to those who would otherwise be unable to afford the fees.

JICAS currently provides post graduate degree course and study opportunities. JICAS currently offers one 100% bursary for fees and one 50% reduction in fees for a student. It is the aim of JICAS to offer a second annual 50% reduction in fees bursary for a student within the next three years. In addition to the 100% and 50% bursaries detailed above we aim to be able to offer an additional 6 partial-fee bursaries linked to research group activities in the next 3 years. Our ambition is to continuously increase the bursary provision over the next three (3) years to provide greater access to postgraduate degree courses and study opportunities. These bursaries are advertised locally and globally and via a number of different platforms.

Through research projects and fieldwork undertaken in Jersey (and overseas), JICAS is furthering the advancement of education about islands and through the recommendations from these educational research projects are helping to protect and improve island communities, both locally and internationally.

JICAS also provides a number of free outreach seminars and lectures annually all delivered by leading experts in their subject matter. These are available to all and many are delivered remotely. JICAS will continue to explore other ways in which it can provide public benefit and improve its accessibility to educational opportunities for the wider island community and engage with our community to benefit the wider community.