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Ballet d'Jèrri Limited

Membership Number: AJC538 / Registered Charity Number: 449

Ballet d'Jèrri Limited

We believe that every person should have the opportunity to experience fine art throughout their lives from a young age, and to be given space to explore their own relationship to it and opinions of it in a context that uncritically educates and nurtures. This exposure can foster self-knowledge and confidence in one's own preferences and insights as a consumer of art, an appreciation for different artistic disciplines and skill levels, and ultimately enhances overall self-worth and a deeper understanding of the human condition. The fine line between art and entertainment–while both are ultimately valuable–lies in that art is rooted in profound study and gently pushes or provokes, leading the audience into a place of self-examination and discovery.

Because of the isolated nature of island life, we must provide these opportunities at home, particularly for those without the means or inclination to travel. As a high-level resident performing arts company we are able to offer elevating audience experiences in a practical and unassuming manner, in free shows for schoolchildren, in subsidised tickets, in outdoor performances with open attendance, and in open days where the public can glimpse the work behind the scenes. In this way art becomes an integral thread woven into our local culture, belonging to our entire community.


To develop and present productions of contemporary ballet of the highest international standard, for the cultural benefit of the people of Jersey and with a particular emphasis on reaching the widest possible audience through affordable pricing and subsidised tickets, diverse, captivating programming, and internal policies that uphold equal opportunity and representation.


To utilise the art of ballet for the betterment of our community through programs designed to increase communication, understanding, and emotional and physical well-being.

Our mission, at its core, is actually very simple: we want to develop great art, and make sure that people get to experience it.

t: 07597 708774

Artistic Director: Carolyn Rose Ramsay